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Warnings Resound as World Leaders Gather at Rio+20
by Environment News Service  | 06.22.12

An Artistic Harvest: An Interview with Chris Ordal and Brad Roszell from the film Earthwork
by Dan Lybarger  | 05.20.11

Hook, Line and Sticker
by Beck Ireland | 05.16.11

Hook, Line and Sticker
by Beck Ireland   | 05.06.11

Should race matter in KC’s city council race?
by Rhiannon Ross | 02.19.11

Oscar Nominated Shot Documentaries
reviewed by Dan Lybarger | 02.11.11

The Best and Worst Film of 2010 by Dan Lybarger | 01.14.10

‘Rally for Sanity and/or Fear’ Promotes Bipartisan Spirit, Less Media Hysteria
by Rhiannon Ross | posted 11.05.10

Project Censored Top 25 Censored Stories for 2011
Project Censored | posted 10.15.10

When the Boys in Blue Were the Best
by Dan Lybarger | posted 08.16.10

Who Bankrolls Congress?
The Big Money Behind Top Lawmakers
| by Josh Israel and Aaron Mehta | posted 07.30.10

As It Goes in Kansas: Author Thomas Frank and filmmaker Joe Winston tell us ‘What’s the Matter with Kansas’
by Dan Lybarger | posted 03.11.10

The Best and Worst Films of 2009
by Deborah Young, Dan Lybarger and Brandon Whitehead | posted 01.11.10

Inside the Military Media Industrial Complex: Impacts on Movements for Peace and Social Justice
by Peter Phillips and Mickey Huff | posted 01.01.10

The Top Censored Stories of 2008-09
Edited by Peter Phillips and Mickey Huff | posted 10.09.09

Reel Life on the Plains
An Overview by Dan Lybarger | posted 09.17.09

How a religious group you’ve never heard of influences policy in both Washington and Topeka | 07.24.09 by Dan Lybarger

What We Didn't Know Has Hurt Us | 01.23.09 by Clint Hendler

The best and worst fims and DVDs of 2008 | 01.16.09 by Deborah Young, Dan Lybarger and Loey Lockerby

Goin' to Terra Madre: Heartland style | 09.05.08 by Vicki Walker

Hey music fans: KCLive! doesn't completely suck | 05.30.08 by Brandon Whitehead

KU researcher pursues 'Under the Rainbow: Oral Histories of GLBTIQ people in Kansas.'
| 05.23.08 by David Ollington

Finally old enough for the Oval Office, Kat Swift throws a lasso into the ring
| 05.16.08 by Greg Harman

KC animation company connects as Sundance | 02.01.08 by Russ Simmons

Best and Worst Films and DVDs of 2007 | 01.04.08 by Russ Simmons, Deborah Young and Lowy Lockerby

Censored 2008 – The Top 25 Censored Stories of 2006-07 | 11.09.07 by Project Censored

Fighting dirty air – Air Quality Forum grapples with new EPA standards | 08.10.07 by Tom Bogdon

Efforts continue for regulation of the payday loan industry | 07.27.07 by Tom Bogdon

'Wyandotte' casino will be different from the rest | 07.13.07 by Tom Bogdon

Bland wants to reinvigorate Freedom Inc. | 07.06.07 by Tom Bogdon

Politics – not money – suspected as the reason for axing the labor institute at UMKC
| 06.22.07 by Tom Bogdon

Outsourcing your mail - US Postal Service plans to use private contractors to deliver mail in Kansas City | 05.18.07 by Tom Bogdon

Crosby Kemper III – 'chief' librarian | 05.11.07 by Tom Bogdon

Best and Worst Films of 2006 | 01.12.07 by Russ Simmons and Deborah Young

Top 25 Censored Stories of 2007 | 10.06.06 by Project Censored

The Dwarfing of Pluto: The Elevation of Ceres and the Divine Feminine (Part One)
| 08.31.06 by Quan Tracy Cherry

Three for the county | 07.28.06 by Bruce Rodgers

The Kids Are All Right | 07.07.06 by James K. Galbraith

Lamine's Eyes | 06.16.06 by Rhiannon Ross

Why we need a reporter's shield law in Missouri now | 03.31.06 by Ellen F. Harris

Regulation Threat Alarms Political Bloggers | 03.17.06 by Michelle Chen

Is the VA going private?
Some veterans advocates believe that the current administration is not only woefully under funding the VA medical system, but is trying to dismantle it.| 02.03.06 by Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell

The Best and Worst Films, and DVDs for 2005 | 01.20.06 by Russ Simmons, Deborah Young, and Jason Aaron

Looking back and forward with Tom and Steve
  A look at last year and predictions for 2006| 12.30.05 by Bruce Rodgers

Signs of peace on the prairie
  One man's argument that free speech isn't free after all| 11.30.05 by Rhiannon Ross

'News That Didn't Make the News'
  The Top Censored Stories of 2004 to 2005 from Project Censored| 10.28.05

Voices of protest
  In late September, nearly 50 Kansas Citians traveled cross country to join tens of thousands of others to tell President Bush "Bring Troops Home Now" from Iraq. | 10.04.05 by Rhiannon Ross

Missouri's budget cuts spoil state's nutrition program
  Nutrition program budget cuts hurt farmers, consumers and community. | 9.02.05 by Rhiannon Ross

A river like Paradise
  On the Missouri, in a canoe, from Kansas City to St. Louis. | 8.05.05 by Patrick Dobson

Media group puts pressure on the Star
  Kansas City media reform group vociferously takes to the streets. | 7.22.05 by Rhiannon Ross

MoveOn Muscles Up
  MoveOn has started to gun its formidable engines. | 6.24.05 by Don Hazen

The morality police at the public library
  The federal government’s extorting the nation’s libraries | 6.03.05 by Patrick Dobson

You Can't Do That On Television
  You're almost guaranteed not to see abortion on TV despite the reality of it being one of the most common medical procedures in the US | 5.13.05 by Rachel Fudge

The Ugly Side of Pretty
  Science suggests that untold numbers of cosmetics and personal care ingredients may be silently and insidiously promoting cancer | 4.15.05 by Rebecca Ephraim

Rotten Apple?
  Apple ruling could directly harm the privacy rights of all journalists | 3.25.05 by Scott Thill

Out to get Dan Leap
  Merriam, KS council member has been the target of a recall initiative since December | 3.11.05 by Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell

The 10 Worst Corporations of 2004
  Choosing the 10 Worst Corporations of the Year is never easy| 2.25.05 by Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weismma

The Best and Worst in Film for 2004
  New Zealand filmmaker Peter Jackson handed Hollywood back to the Americans| 1.28.05 by Russ Simmons

The 25 Dumbest Quotes of 2004
  "You forgot Poland." -President Bush | 1.5.05 by Danniel Kurtzman

Drugstore cowboys
  Your local pharmacy may be changing | 11.23.04 by Dan Frosch

Pawns or partisans
  Iraqi women bring their messages to America with government and NGO support | 10.29.04 by Rhiannon Ross

News that didn't make the news
  Top 10 censored stories of 2003-2004 | 9.23.04 by Deanna Zandt, Evan Derkacz & AlterNet

Two views on Ralph
  Nader won't matter vs. he'll push the polls to Bush | 8.27.04 by Earl Ofari Hutchinson and John Pearce

More Cosby myths
  Walking the fine line between comic remarks and stereotypes | 7.23.04 by Earl Ofari Hutchinson

Battle over bioscience
  Stem cell research brings St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Leo Burke into Missouri politics | 6.25.04 by Patrick Dobson

Oh, Oh, Oh... Uh Oh! Time for Plan B!
  Examining the Food & Drug Administration's decision to reject an over-the-counter morning after pill | 5.20.04 by Kari Lydersen

The Ice Age cometh
  The disastrous effects of global warming—and it will happen sooner rather than later if nothing is done | 4.16.04 by Thom Hartmann

The path to good tasting coffee
  How to get that perfect cup of coffee | Feb. 04 by Jim Rawdon

The good and bad in film and DVD, 2003
  What to watch from LOTR to Gigli | Jan. 04 by Russ Simmons, Liz Sweeney and Jason Aaron

Mischief in the medicine cabinet?
  Was the public's interest served in the way Robert Courtney's case was prosecuted? Or was it just a matter of paying money to ease heartache and give pharmaceutical companies cover? | Dec. 03 by Barry Speert



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Fuzzy Math and Foggy History in Brownback's Self-Examination
by Peter Hancock
l The Kansas Education Policy Report l 07.27.12

Think Again: Our Broken Political System
by Eric Alterman | Center for American Progress | 07.20.12

Lost for Words: A remedy for Democrats
by Paul Rosenberg l Al Jazeera l 07.06.12

Dear Julian ...
What's behind Julian Assange's decision to seek refuge in Ecuador, and what about the country's dismal record in transparency?

by Manuela Picq l Al Jazeera l 06.22.12

Honoring the Hopes and Dreams of Our Nation's Dads
Developing Policies Meeting the Needs of Low-Income and Working-Class Men
by Joy Moses | Center for American Progress | 06.15.12

Think Again: When Labor Unions were at the Center of Politics
by Eric Alterman | Center for American Progress | 06.08.12

20 years after the Earth Summit: What does the future hold?
by Vandana Shiva l Al Jazeera l 06.01.12

The US Public School System is under attack
by Lisa Featherstone l Al Jazeera l 05.25.12

Face It, the US economy is socialist
by John Stoehr l Al Jazeera l 05.18.12

Critical Education Standards Opposed by Conservative Group
by Carl Chancellor | Center for American Progress | 05.11.12

Think Again: Murdoch 'Unfit?' Ya Think?
by Eric Alterman | Center for American Progress | 05.05.12

Think Again: The End of Newspapers and the Decline of Democracy
by Eric Alterman | Center for American Progress | 03.24.12

This International Women's Day, Let's Protect Women's Progress at Home
by Jessica Arons | Center for American Progress
| 03.09.12

Think Again: Charles Murray and the Power of Mainstream Media Amnesia
by Eric Alterman | Center for American Progress
| 02.10.12

Think Again: ‘As Ronald Reagan Said... Oh Never Mind’
by Eric Alterman | Center for American Progress | 01.27.12

Smarter, Better, Leaner, Greener
12 New Year’s Resolutions for the 112th Congress in 2012
by Sally Steenland | Center for American Progress
| 12.30.11

Think Again: As We Leave Iraq, Remember How We Got In
by Eric Alterman | Center for American Progress | 12.23.11

Economic Inequality Is Not Sustainable
A Top Heavy 1% Will Topple Without a Stable Middle Class

by Heather Boushey | Center for American Progress |12.09.11

Occupy Congress
Norman Solomon, who is campaigning for Congress, believes that it's possible to be an activist and a politician.

by Robert Jensen | Al Jazeera

Top 10 Reasons to Be Thankful for Diversity
Our Nation Prospers from Our Diverse Heritage

by Julie Ajinkya | Center for American Progress
| 11.25.11

Are You An Anarchist?
by Jacob Sloan | Disinformation
| 11.11.11

Ten Reasons Not to Bank On (or With) Bank of America
by Nomi Prins | Truthout | 11.04.11

Think Again: The Era of the 'One Percent'
by Eric Alterman | Center for American Progress
| 10.07.11

Everyday Is Flag Day in the USA
by Ron Ridenour - Dissident Voice
| 09.30.11

What If the Tea Party Wins?
They Have a Plan for the Constitution, and It Isn’t Pretty

by Ian Millhiser - Center for American Progress
| 09.23.11

Welcome to Your Hungarian Internet
by Tim Karr - Save the Internet
| 09.16.11

The 9/11 Generation — How 9/11 Shaped the Millennial Generation
by Eleni Towns - Center for American Progress | 09.09.11

My Jobs Plan: A Trillion Dollars For Infrastructure
by Kevin Drum I Mother Jones
| 09.02.11

The Truth About the Situation in Libya
by Brian Becker, National Coordinator, ANSWER Coalition | 08.26.11

The Choices Still to Be Made in the New Debt Deal
Tax Breaks for the Wealthy and Special Interests Should Not Trump the Common Good

by Donna Cooper, Seth Hanlon | Center for America Progress | 08.19.11

Think Again: NPR: Still Bending Over Backward
by Eric Alterman | 08.12.11

Beyond Boston and Media Reform for 2012: Supposed “End of Times” Should Marshal a New Beginning for Media Democracy in Action
by Mickey Huff 04.15.11

Think Again: The Contours and Context of the Conservative Class War in Wisconsin
by Eric Alterman | Center for American Progress 02.25.1

There Are Foolish Things to Defund in the Federal Budget … And Then There Are Really Foolish Things to Defund
by Michael Ettlinger, Adam Hersh | Center for American Progress 02.04.11

Think Again: The Fox Propaganda Train Rolls On
Eric Alterman | posted 12.24.10

Where Are the Financial Crisis Prosecutions?
by Jesse Eisinger | ProPublica 12.17.10

Race and Beyond: Scanning for Terrorists Fairly and Effectively | by Sam Fulwood III | Center for American Progress | 11.24.10

Reverse Ferret! When Stories Bite Back | by Stephen Engelberg | 07.23.10

Managed News: Inside The US/NATO Military Industrial Media Empireby Peter Phillips and Mickey Huff | 07.09.10

Did 9/11 Justify the War in Afghanistan? Using the McChrystal Moment to Raise a Forbidden Question | 07.02.10 by David Ray Griffin

Is Government A "Cancer?" | 06.18.10 by Dave Johnson

Covering the Bank Investigations: A Cautionary Tale | 05.14.10 by Stephen Engelberg

Letter to Missouri’s Lieutenant Governor | 03.26.10 by Patrick Dobson

Open Letter To The Congress And The President | 03.26.10

State Crimes Against Democracy | 03.05.10 by Peter Phillips and Mickey Huff

The 2009 P.U.-Litzer Awards | 01.01.10 by FAIR

The higher education fiscal crisis protects the wealthy | 11.23.09 by Peter Phillips

Jumping the Gunman by Stephen Engelberg | 11.13.09

Gingrich gets all Reaganesque | 11.06.09 by Bruce Rodgers

Michael Moore's Action Plan: 15 Things Every American Can Do Right Now | 10.23.09 by Michael Moore

Taboo news and corporate media | 08.04.09 by Peter Phillips

Think Again: Conflicts of Interest by the Wealthy and for the Wealthy | 07.17.09 by Eric Alterman

Whole lotta hand-wringing at journalism panel | 06.05.09 by Bruce Rodgers

Fight to stop a new KC Plant isn’t over | 04.10.09 by Bruce Rodgers

The Bush Family of Secrets: Truth or Reconciliation? | 03.20.09 by Russ Baker

High Speed, High Cost, High Income Rail... | 03.06.09 by Sam Smith

Soccer subsidy won't fix empty Bannister Mall | 12.12.08 by Bruce Rodgers

Academic freedom or an invitation to a witch hunt? | 03.14.08 by Vicki Walker

And this Oscar goes to... viewers who made it through the whole damn show
| 02.29.08 by Brandon Whitehead

Murdoch: Bad for Journalism, Bad for Democracy
| 08.03.07 by Josh Silver

Competing ideas pick apart Chastain's voter-approved light rail plan | 07.20.07 by Tom Bodgon

Corporate media entertains but fails to inform | 06.22.07 by Peter Phillips and Kate Sims

Government should stay out of the abortion issue | 06.15.07 by Tom Bogdon

Vote for your 'Junk News' favorite | 04.06.07 by Project Censored

Are Shields' legal problems connected to the U.S. attorney scandal? | 03.16.07 by Tom Bogdon

Impeachment is not off the table | 02.23.07 by Peter Phillips

Excuses and critics dog light rail plan | 02.02.07 by Tom Bogdon

Big Oil, Big Brother win big in the State of the Union | 01.26.07 by Greg Palast

Waist deep in the Big Muddy | 01.12.07 by Greg Palast

Tinker Bell, Pinochet adn the fairy tale 'Miracle of Chile' | 12.15.06 by Greg Palast

Iraq Study Group or Saudi Protection League? | 12.08.06 by Greg Palast

Human rights denial deserves impeachment | 11.10.06 by Peter Phillips

Reporter Palast slips clutches of homeland security | 09.15.06 by Greg Palast

Today's pig is tomorrow's bacon (a Labor Day recipe) | 09.08.06 by Greg Palast

So Osama walks into this bar, see? | 08.25.06 by Greg Palast

The UK terror plot: what's really going on? | 08.18.06 by Craig Murray

The Jerk: Why Saddam had to go | 08.04.06 by Greg Palast

News bias in the Associated Press | 07.28.06 by Peter Phillips

They don't call it the "White" House for nothing - Bush at the NAACP Convention | 07.21.06 by Greg Palast

Why Democrats Don't Count - Lessons from the Un-Gore of Mexico | 07.14.06 by Greg Palast

Treason: 'Firing Squad' for the New York Times? | 06.30.06 by Greg Palast

Dan crashes - Bush flies high | 06.23.06 by Greg Palast

Framing versus spin: Rockridge as opposed to Luntz | 06.16.06 by George Lakoff and Sam Ferguson

The Al Capone of electricity | 05.26.06 by Greg Palast

Big Brother Inc. tries to fool Randi Rhodes - and that's not nice | 05.19.06 by Greg Palast

Rep. Bobby Rush and privatization of the Internet | 04.14.06 by Bruce Dixon

Desert rats leave the sinking ship - Why Rumsfeld should not resign | 04.14.06 by Greg Palast

Is US military dominance of the world a good idea? | 02.10.06 by Peter Phillips

No Child Left Behind: The Test | 01.13.06 by Greg Palast

OPEC and the economic conquest of Iraq: Why Iraq still sells its oil a la cartel | 11.04.05 by Greg Palast

Tell us about your 'source,' Judy | 7.15.05 by Greg Palast

Investigative reporter's Greg Palast written testimony submitted to the Rep. Conyers
  | 7.08.05 by Greg Palast

Cowardice in Journalism Award for Newsweek, Goebbels Awards for Condi
| 5.27.05 by Greg Palast

Why Diane Didn't Vote 
Does your vote count? | 7.02.04 by Rhiannon Ross

While Big Media is "simply in the business of selling products," THE PEOPLE'S MEDIA REACHES MORE PEOPLE THAN FOX DOES 
  From radio to the web to alternative media outlets | 6.18.04 by Jim Hightower

Hungry children/dead babies: Remembering Reagan 
  Memories of the former president's policies | 6.11.04 by Rhiannon Ross

The crimes of Courtney Love 
  Breast baring: an action of power | 4.16.04 by Richard Goldstein

No middle ground with Republicans 
  Dealing with the 'tyranny of the majority' | Nov. 03 by Vickie Walker

Public transit swamp
  Smart Moves is pretty dumb | Sept. 03 by Anthony Saper



NCLB Waiver Causing Local Enrollment Headaches
by Peter Hancock
l The Kansas Education Policy Report l 08.04.12

Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Voter ID Laws
by Suevon Lee
l ProPublica l 07.27.12

5 Facts About Overseas Outsourcing
Trend Continues to Grow as American Workers Suffer
by Alex Lach | Center for American Progress | 07.14.12

Congress' Big Gift to Monsanto
by Tom Philpott l Mother Jones l 07.06.12

Netroots Nation grows up, and in some cases goes pro
The liberal blogosphere isn't what it use to be, becoming both more institutionalized and more atomized

by Adrienne LaFrance l Nieman Journalism Lab l 06.15.12

School Funding Trial Update, 'No Child' Waiver, Evolution Controversy (again)
by Peter Hancock l Kansas Education Policy Report l 06.15.12

Day Three of the School Finance Trial
No Pencil Left Behind: Teachers scrounge for basic supplies, sometimes paying out of their own pockets

by Peter Hancock l Kansas Education Policy Report l 06.08.12

Attorney: Tax Cuts to be used as Evidence Against State
by Peter Hancock l Kansas Education Policy Report l 06.01.12

This Third Party Makes a Difference
by Josh Harkinson l Mother Jones l 05.25.12

The Best, Most Disgusting Reporting on Food Safety
by Blair Hickman l ProPublica l 05.18.12

Kansas Takes Critical Steps to Protect Kansas From World
by Tim Murphy l Mother Jones l 05.11.12

Tax Plan Plus School Finance Hike Puts State in Large Holde by 2018
by Peter Hancock l Kansas Education Policy Report l 05.05.12

Is CISPA SOPA 2.0? We Explain the Cybersecurity Bill
by Megha Rajagopalan l ProPublica l 04.27.12

Read the Tax Returns from Karl Rove's 'Dark Money' Group (Donors Still a Mystery)
by Kim Barker I ProPublica l 04.21.12

Huffington Post for the Occupy Crowd?
by Josh Harkinson l Mother Jones I 04.08.12

Experts: Avoid Disaster, Overhaul Global Environmental Governance
by Environmental News Service
l 03.30.12

The 23 States That Have Sweeping Self-Defense Laws Just Like Florida's
by Cora Currier l ProPublica
l 03.24.12

Bulls, Bears, and Bailouts: The Top 10 Questions From Our Wall Street Q&A
by Blair Hickman l ProPublical
l 03.16.12

Debate on Voucher-like Proposal Takes Odd Turn
by Peter Hancock | Kansas Education Policy Report
| 03.09.12

Charter School Bill Stirs Controversy
by Peter Hancock | Kansas Education Policy Report
| 02.24.12

CPAC Tips: How to Win Friends and Influence
by Kim Barker | ProPublica
| 02.17.12

Why Millions Won’t Get Help From Big Mortgage Settlement
by Cora Currier | ProPublica | 02.10.12

How the Stimulus Revived the Electric Car
by Michael Grabell | ProPublica
| 02.03.12

The Top 10 Middle-Class Acts of Congress
Laws that Helped Our Country Prosper

by Nick Bunker | Center for American Progress
| 01.20.12

Aurand: School Finance Reform May Take Multiple Sessions
by Peter Hancock | Kansas Education Policy Report
| 01.20.12

Will the Supreme Court Strike Down Part of the Voting Rights Act?
by Lois Beckett | ProPublica
| 01.13.12

Winners and Losers in Brownback’s Tax Plan
by Peter Hancock | The Kansas Education Policy Report
| 01.13.12

Misplaced Pity — Thomas Frank on Why the Policies That Wrecked Our Economy Still Look Attractive
An interview by Dan Lybarger | 01.06.12

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a UFO? (w/ video)
Mystery Craft Seen on U.S. Route 77 in Kansas

From KSN TV (Wichita) | 12.23.11

Attorney: Brownback Plan Would Spark More Litigation
by Peter Hancock | The Kansas Education Policy Report | 12.16.11

Coffee, Tea or Cancer? Almost Half of Americans Oppose X-ray Body Scanners
by Michael Grabell | ProPublica

Flat Taxes Are Big in the Former USSR. Have They Worked?
by Braden Goyette | ProPublica | 11.18.11

Kansas Medical Board Investigates Dr. George Tiller's Colleague  
It's been more than two years since Tiller was killed. But abortion foes are still after his former colleague.
by Kate Sheppard | Mother Jones| 11.11.11

Big Oil Profits Still Racing as Pump Prices Remain High
Five-Largest Companies Made $33 Billion in Third Quarter

By Daniel J. Weiss | Center for America Progress | 10.28.11

How Occupy Wall Street Really Got Started
Meet the international activists who lit the fuse for the populist protest movement that's sweeping the world.
by Andy Kroll - Mother Jones
| 10.21.11

Is Susan G. Komen Denying the BPA-Breast Cancer Link?
Critics claim the leading breast cancer research group is in the pocket of its BPA-happy sponsors.

by Amy Silverstein - Mother Jones
| 10.14.11

What Are the Latest Revelations About Koch Industries?
by Lois Beckett - ProPublica | 10.07.11

Do Regulations Really Kill Jobs Overall? Not So Much
by Marian Wang - ProPublica
| 09.30.11

Our Sputtering Economy by the Numbers: Poverty Edition
by Braden Goyette - ProPublica
| 09.23.11

Hey GOP 2012ers: You Lie!
by David Corn - Mother Jones
| 09.16.11

On hand at the Democracy Convention in Madison
by Mary Lindsay | 09.02.11

Candidates Increasingly Connected to Supposedly Independent PACs
by Braden Goyette | ProPublica
| 09.02.11

Our Guide to the Best Coverage of Ron Paul and His Record
by Lois Beckett | ProPublica | 08.26.11

Could Unspent Stimulus Money Be Used to Fend Off a New Recession?
by Michael Grabell | Propublica | 08.19.11

Why Looming Budget Battles Might Still Shut Down the Gov’t
by Lois Beckett - ProPublicaTop of Form (
| 08.12.11

A Few Little Budget Facts
by Kevin Drum | Mother Jones ( | 07.29.11

Gang of Six Plan Versus Insanity
A Budget Deficit Plan Democrats Would Normally Hate Is Actually Being Stopped by Republicans

By Michael Ettlinger, Michael Linden | Center for American Progress | 07.22.11

Super-PACs and Dark Money: ProPublica’s Guide to the New World of Campaign Finance
by Kim Barker and Marian Wang | ProPublica | 07.15.11

Embroiled in Controversy, ATF Has Long Been Leaderless and Hamstrung
by Marian Wang | ProPublica|

Nuke Plant Inspections Find Flaws in Disaster Readiness
by John Sullivan | ProPublica | 07.01.11

Geeky Stats About Magic Mushrooms
by Kevin Drum | Mother Jones | 06.24.11

Ten Charts that Prove the United States Is a Low-Tax Country
by Michael Linden, Seth Hanlon, Jordan Eizenga | Center for America Progress | 06.17.11

Autism Experts Urge Reform of U.S. Chemicals Law
by Environmental News Service | 06.10.11

Behind the Right's Fetal-Pain Push
by Kate Sheppard | Mother Jones | 06.03.11

Disaster Relief Agencies Urge Public to Donate Wisely to Joplin Survivors
by Harvesters Community Food Network | posted 05.27.11

Supervisors and Sexual Harassment: The Law’s Murkier Than You Think
by Marian Wang | ProPublica | 05.27.11

The Basics Behind the Debt Limit Debate: More Partisan Than Practical?
by Marian Wang | ProPublica  | 05.20.11

A Little Legal Help: Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock gives lawyers love in KC
by Dan Lybarger  | 05.20.11

Navy Will Perform Same-Sex Marriages
by Adam Weinstein | Mother Jones 05.13.11

U.S. Nuclear Regulator Lets Industry Help With the Fine Print
by John Sullivan | Special to ProPublica  

Koch buys online advertising to attack report on its lobbying influence
by Cole Goins | Center for Public Integrity  04.22.11

More Reasons to Question Whether Gas is Cleaner than Coal
by Abrahm Lustgarten | ProPublica 04.15.11

5 Ways GE Plays the Tax Game
by Jeff Gerth | ProPublica & Allan Sloan | Fortune 04.08.11

While Nuclear Waste Piles Up in U.S., Billions in Fund to Handle It Sit Unused
by Joaquin Sapien | ProPublica 04.01.11

In the Allied War in Libya, Exactly How Involved Is the United States?
by Marian Wang | ProPublica 03.25.11

The China Syndrome
by Josh Harkinson | Mother Jones 03.18.11

U.S. Lawmaker Supporting Terrorist Group? Rep. Peter King Isn’t the First
by Marian Wang | ProPublica 03.11.11

U.S. Stays Mum as Iraqi Security Forces Kill, Detain and Abuse Protesters
by Marian Wang | ProPublica 03.04.11

Female Foreign Correspondents’ Code of Silence, Finally Broken
by Kim Barker | ProPublica 02.25.11

Is Providing Abortions Creating a ‘Nuisance’?
by Kate Sheppard | Mother Jones 02.11.11

What Role Have Multinationals Played in Egypt’s Communication Shutdown?
by Nicholas Kusnetz | ProPublica 02.04.11

In Houston, Rep. Giffords Could Receive Brain Injury Treatment Thousands of Troops Do Not
by Marian Wang | ProPublica 01.28.11

Why Arizonans Can Buy Guns Made In-State Free of Background Checks, and Other Issues in Gun Control
by Marian Wang | ProPublica | 01.14.10

GOP’s New Oversight Chair Asks Businesses Which Regulations Burden Them
by Marian Wang | ProPublica | 01.11.11

Weak Laws and Lenient Enforcement Plague Missouri’s Oversight of Dangerous Doctors
by Karen Weise | ProPublica | 12.31.10

Chicano group leads protest against Jerusalem Cafe management
by Bruce Rodgers | posted 12.10.10

Drug Firms Say They’ll Take Closer
Look at the Docs They Pay

by Charles Ornstein, Tracy Weber and Nicholas Kusnetz
| 12.03.10

Run for the Border, Steve King's Coming!
By Suzy Khimm | Mother Jones | 11.19.10

The GOP's Coming Climate Witch Hunt
By Kate Sheppard | Mother Jones | 11.12.10

The New Democrats:
The Coalition Pharma and Wall Street Lovey

by Sebastian Jones and Marcus Stern | ProPublica | 10.29.10

In Gitmo Opinion, Two Versions of Reality
by Dafna Linzer | ProPublica | 10.15.10

Undocumented KC student found guilty of unlawful entry from July 20 Washington sit-ins by Milissa Cowan | 10.08.10

This Year, Contractor Deaths Exceed Military Ones in Iraq and Afghanistan
by T. Christian Miller | ProPublica | 09.24.10

Report: Federal Disaster Response Plans Shortchange Worker Safety
by Sasha Chavkin | ProPublica | 09.17.10

Koch Industries Fought the Health Care Law, But Sought Funds From It
by Marian Wang | ProPublica | 09.10.10

Undocumented students push for their ‘Dream’
by Melissa Cowan | 09.03.10

‘It's Not Selling Your Body, It's More Like Controlled-Access Rental’
by by Titania Kumeh | Mother Jones | 08.27.10

Confessions of a Tea Party Casualty
Why GOP Rep. Bob Inglis is looking for a new job.

by David Corn | Mother Jones | 08.13.10

Health Care Reform Is a ‘Three-Legged Stool’ – The Costs of Partially Repealing the Affordable Care Act | by Jonathan Gruber | 08.06.10

Can This Dem Defeat Congress' Tea Party Ambassador?
| by Stephen Engelberg | 07.30.10

Investment Funds Stir Controversy Over Recruiting
by For-Profit Colleges

by Sharona Coutts | 07.16.10

Residents commit first civil resistance at KC Nuke Parts Plant then picket Oppenheimer office
by PeaceWorks, Kansas City, Physicians for Social Responsibility, KC Chapter and East Meets West of Troost | 06.23.10

Dick Cheney's Last Laugh
by Kate Sheppard/Mother Jones | 06.18.10

Brain Injuries Remain Undiagnosed in Thousands of Soldiers
by T. Christian Miller, ProPublica and Daniel Zwerdling, NPR | 06.11.10

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell by the Numbers - The Military Loses Patriotic Men and Women Every Day
by Center for American Progress | posted 05.28.10

The Man Behind Arizona’s Immigration Law
by Suzy Khimm , Mother Jones | posted 05.14.10

Pakistani Taliban Link to Times Square Bombing Attempt Would Have Troubling Implications
Sebastian Rotella, ProPublica | posted 05.07.10

Lobbyists and Lawmakers Bond During Springsteen Concerts
by Marcus Stern and Sebastian Jones, Propublica | 04.23.10

U.S. Terror Targets Unprotected, According to Former CIA Official
by Sebastian Rotella, Propublica | 04.216.10

Broad Scope of EPA’s Fracturing Study Raises Ire of Gas Industry
by Abrahm Lustgarten, Propublica | 04.09.10

PR Firm Behind Propaganda Videos Wins Stimulus Contract by Sebastian Jones and Michael Grabell, Propublica | 04.02.10

Kansas and Vermont Are the Latest Unemployment Insurance Debtors by Olga Pierce, ProPublica| 03.12.10

Dangerous Caregivers Missing From Federal Database
by Tracy Weber and Charles Ornstein | ProPublica posted 02.26.10

Warrior with a Xerox Machine: An Interview with Daniel Ellsberg about The Most Dangerous Man in America
by Dan Lybarger posted 02.19.10

Republicans Send Out a ‘Census’ Form —That’s Really a Fundraiser
by Ryan Knutson | ProPublica posted 02.12.10

Explaining Obama’s Proposed ‘Budget Freeze’
by Olga Pierce | ProPublica posted 02.05.10

‘Justice’ remains Angela Davis’ message
by Melissa Cowan | posted 01.29.10

White House Changes Stimulus Jobs Count
by Michael Grabell | posted 01.15.10

SEC Just Now Seeking Key Information On Meltdown | 12.18.09 by Jake Bernstein and Jesse Eisinger

Myth vs. Reality on the Copenhagen Climate Summit: A Look at the Facts on the Ground at the U.N. Climate Conference | 12.11.09 by Andrew Light, Rebecca Lefton, Daniel J. Weiss

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Medicare Drug Planners Now Lobbyists, With Billions at Stake | 10.23.09 by Olga Pierce, ProPublica

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Investors Worth $13 Trillion Urge Strong Global Climate Treaty | 09.18.09 by Environment News Service

Mercury Found in Blood of One-Third of American Women | 09.04.09 by Environment News Service

Ex-Countrywide Execs’ Firm Modifies Bad Loans for Taxpayer Cash | 09.02.09 by Alexandra Andrews, Propublica

One Foreign Actor We Didn’t Expect To Discover | 08.21.09 by Jennifer LaFleur, Propublica

Obama Administration Redacts Contract Details for | 08.14.09 by Christopher Flavelle, Propublica

Major Economies 'Ignored' UN Climate Science | 07.24.09 by the Environment News Service

New Evidence Surfaces in Post-Katrina Crimes | 07.13.09 by A.C. Thompson, ProPublica

Kansas Utility Faces New Permit Hurdles for Proposed Coal Plant | 07.07.09 by the Environment News Service

Obama Seems to Rule Out Executive Order on Indefinite Detentions
| 07.06.09 by Dafna Linzer, ProPublica

White House Is Drafting Executive Order to Allow Indefinite Detention; Move Would Bypass Congress | 06.29.09 by Dafna Linzer,ProPublica and Peter Finn, Washington Post

For Ailing Transit Systems, Stimulus Windfall Is a Mixed Blessing | 06.23.09 by David Epstein, ProPublica

Hamas delivers peace letter to President Obama | 06.05.09 by Medea Benjamin

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Natural Gas Politics | 05.29.09 by Abrahm Lustgarten, ProPublica

Lobbyists Skirt Disclosures on Stimulus Lobbying | 05.15.09 by Olga Pierce and Brian Boyer, ProPublica

Farrah Fawcett: ‘Under a Microscope’ and Holding On to Hope | 05.12.09 by Charles Ornstein, ProPublica

Government Could Destroy Records in Hundreds of Guantanamo Cases | 05.08.09 by Chisun Lee, ProPublica

The Trillion Dollar Question: Adding up The Financial Rescue | 05.01.09 by Paul Kiel, ProPublica Falling Short of Expectations So Far | 04.03.09 by Christopher Weaver, ProPublica

Conflicting Accounts About Geithner’s Involvement With AIG Bonuses | 03.20.09 by Sharona Coutts, ProPublica

How Long Will Secret Bush Counterterrorism Memos Stay Secret? | 02.27.08 by Chisun Lee

No Whistleblower Protection for Fed Workers in Stimulus Bill | 02.20.08 by Jennifer LaFleur

Expert speaks against proposed CWIP bill | 02.06.08 by Bruce Rodgers

KU professor part of executive order proposal from progressive group | 12.19.08 by Bruce Rodgers

Political pundit comments on incoming Obama administration | 11.14.08 by Bruce Rodgers

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Activists challenge building of new nuke plant – lawsuit a new element | 10.10.08 by Bruce Rodgers

Two experts relate the grim realities of nuclear weapons | 09.19.08 by Bruce Rodgers

Iraq panel leaves out politics | 08.29.08 by Bruce Rodgers

Human rights group charges: US continues 'renditions' and operates a floating gulag | 06.06.08 by David Walsh

Censorship, shield law and Valerie Plame | 04.25.08 by Vicki Walker

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Fundraising for Danny and family | 01.25.08 by Vicki Walker

How the Pentagon planted a false story | 01.18.08 by Gareth Porter

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Report finds critical gap in online access to government information | 12.14.07 by the Center for Democracy and Technology

Gov. Blunt makes forging documents illegal – again | 12.7.07 by Vicki Walker

Parks, not trafficway, occupy much of JoCo commissioners' meeting | 11.9.07 by Tom Bogdon

Citizen Task Force presents their light rail plan as questions about seeking federal money remain | 11.2.07 by Tom Bogdon

Overland Park considers streetcars on Metcalf | 10.26.07 by Tom Bogdon

'No build' option not a MARC option | 10.19.07 by Tom Bogdon

South Connector roadway to go before JOCO board, opposition remains intense | 10.05.07 by Tom Bogdon

'Smart Growth' less a consideration for MARC when it comes to South Metro Connector | 09.21.07 by Tom Bogdon

Opponents determined to stop so-called 'parkway' in southern Johnson County | 09.14.07 by Tom Bogdon

CBS Early Show Removes Anti-War Protesters from View in Kansas City | 09.07.07 by Matthew Rothschild

A Q&A with MARC's air quality expert James Joerke | 08.17.07 by Tom Bogdon

Fast Track authority set to die a quiet (but, for some, celebrated) death | 06.29.07 by Tom Bogdon

'Connector' open house reveals widespread opposition to roadway plan | 06.08.07 by Tom Bogdon

Democratic leadership trade deal with Bush administration attracts criticism | 06.01.07 by Tom Bogdon

The war and presidential politics the focus at Truman Days | 05.25.07 by Tom Bogdon

Movement toward another light rail vote | 05.04.07 by Tom Bogdon

Transportation likely a priority for new mayor and city council | 04.27.07 by Tom Bogdon

St. Louis mayor endorses Clinton as Missouri Democrats prepare for 'Super Tuesday' primary day | 04.20.07 by Tom Bogdon

Federal Reserve official wants leadership role and panel agrees to 'first phase' light ralil route | 04.13.07 by Tom Bogdon

Jackson County de-emphasizes environmental programs to bolster communications office | 04.06.07 by Tom Bogdon

Area's congressional members voice support in seeking light rail funding | 02.09.07 by Bruce Rodgers

Independent study points to the misuse of TIF | 01.19.07 by Bruce Rodgers

Net Neutrality saved in AT&T merger | 01.05.07 by Craig Aaron

Fire displaces long-time Westside residents | 10.20.06 story and photos by Patrick Dobson

Critics blow holes in Massachusets' 'Universal' Health Plan | 4.14.06 by Megan Tady

Armed assault on Mexican newspaper at US/Mexican border   | 2.10.06 (Reuters and other news sources)

How the liberals stole Christmas (or) a visit from St. Dick   | 12.16.05 by Kevin Horrigan

KC Election Board selects Diebold and activists continue to raise questions about the company
  Questioning the reasons for selecting Diebold Voting Systems| 12.09.05 by Rhiannon Ross

OPEC and the economic conquest on Iraq: Why Iraq still sells its oil a la carte   11.04.05 by Greg Palast

Electronic voting systems considered and challenged at public hearing
  The battle for and against electronic voting systems in Kansas City| 10.28.05 by Rhiannon Ross

Missouri's sustainable agriculture program perishes under Blunts budget cuts
  Budget cuts to agricultural programs hinder research. | 09.9.05 by Rhiannon Ross

Bill seeks to ban photographs of animals
  Bill is aimed mostly at protecting large corporate farms and domestic animal breeders from terrorism. | 05.6.05 by Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell

'What the Woo Woo?'
  Astrologer Quan Tracy Cherry brings otherworldliness to a monthly, two-hour Internet radio show. | 04.29.05 by Brandon Whitehead

To seasoned politicians vie to lead Wyandotte County
  The race for Mayor/CEO of the Unified Government. | 03.25.05 by Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell

A tall man in a kippah
  Rabbi Arik Ascherman, working for an Israel which is physically and morally strong | 12.07.04 by Rhiannon Ross

Enviro victories and losses
  A state-to-state list of the environmental results of the election | 11.5.04 by Sunny Lewis

Women kickin' for Kerry in KC
  A look at the Women for Kerry rally at the Uptown Theater Aug. 26 | 8.30.04 by Rhiannon Ross

Mainstream moms try to outpace NASCAR dads
  This grassroots organization targets women who didn't vote in the last presidential election | 6.11.04 by Robert Rabbin

Vanishing votes
  A million votes disappear in black smoke via 'scrub' lists | 5.7.04 by Greg Palast

Wedding church and state
  President Bush defends his personal religion with the Federal Marriage Amendment | 3.15.04 by Susan Jacoby

Gubernatorial candidate plays politics with primary turnout numbers
  Looking beyond salary issues | 3.15.04 by Barry Speert

9/11 widow alleges government knew of attack 
  Taking the Bush administration to court | Feb. 04 by Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell

Conservative Republican policies drive Head Start restructuring
  Looking beyond salary issues | Feb. 04 by Barry Speert

Project Censored 2002
  The news left out of the hometown newspapers by Kari Lydersen