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April 29, 2005


‘What the Woo Woo?’
by Brandon Whitehead

So just what is "Woo Woo"?

Astrologer Quan Tracy Cherry and Fung-shui-est Shannon Bailey host a two-hour Internet radio show called, "It's Woo Woo Time with Shannon & Quan" each month at Matador's. (photo by Sam Garcia)

According to KC's own hometown astrologer Quan Tracy Cherry (found on this web site — see the homepage Astrology link), "Woo woo is an ancestral phrase. It relates to all things otherworldly, to the unknown...astrology, Feng Shui, I Ching, all of it."

Along with long-time Fung-shui-est Shannon Bailey (former owner of 39th Street's Third Stone from the Sun), Cherry has brought some otherworldliness to a monthly, two-hour Internet radio show called, aptly, "It's Woo Woo Time with Shannon & Quan".

Since between them these two have several decades of experience with metaphysics and inner philosophies (both also hold various workshops at Blue Heron Design in Lee’s Summit), the show tends to cover a broad but fast-moving range of topics mixed with questions from the audience. It seems — to borrow a phrase from a popular HBO series — “Nothing is out-of-bounds.”

Meeting once a month at Bar Ibiza inside Matador's on West 39th Street, Quan and Shannon discuss everything from organic food to the mineral content of a lumpy crystal sitting on the table, while a small trickle of people slowly fills up Ibiza's main room. The month can have a bearing on topics.

The show kicked off in March so the focus was on Aries…amid some technical problems with a wireless mic; a nuisance easily explained by Quan.

"Mercury is in retrograde, of course", he said, while adjusting the "Ancestor glass" sitting in the middle of the table.

Still, expect that once things get up some speed, it won’t get in the way of having fun

Considering that both Quan and Shannon picture the show as “a lighter side of spirituality,” their invasive sense of humor fits well. Quan ponders the Dali Lama's interview with Barbara "Make 'em cry" Walters in his melodious voice, evoking Shannon's infectious laugh who goes on to explain that she once Feng Shui'ed the interior of someone's car.

Matador's is an apt location for their show. Redesigned by owner Ken Schmidt, the intimate space is a perfect urban blend of richly varnished wood, exposed brick and mottled orange walls. Not to mention half-price Boulevard beer and tasty tapitas, and a new and improved rooftop deck perfect for a little people watching.

The next "Woo Woo" time is 5 p.m., May 23. The topic is Cancer and the summer solstice, so be sure to bring your inner crab-self. To hear the current show or previous shows, go to:

You might need to download a free player to listen, but no crystal ball is required, just an open mind. As Quan puts it, the philosophy is simple: "Belief is not required. Knowledge is!"


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