November 19, 2010


Run for the Border, Steve King's Coming!
By Suzy Khimm |

Rep. Steve King has compared border-crossers to livestock, asserted that President Obama "favors the black person," and described illegal immigration as a "slow-motion terrorist attack." Last summer, the Iowa Republican proclaimed that he would support amnesty for illegal immigrants under just one condition — that "every time we give amnesty for an illegal alien, we deport a liberal." Since Tom Tancredo left office in 2008, King has risen to take his place as the right's biggest anti-immigration flamethrower. Now he's preparing to wage an even bigger assault under Republican-controlled House. King is very likely to become the next chair of the House Judiciary's subcommittee on immigration, working together with Judiciary's incoming chairman, Lamar Smith—another immigration hawk who's vowed to put a crackdown at the top of his agenda.

Steve King, Republican, 5th District, Iowa

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