November 11, 2011


Kansas Medical Board Investigates Dr. George Tiller's Colleague  

It's been more than two years since Tiller was killed. But abortion foes are still after his former colleague.  

by Kate Sheppard | Mother Jones


(Nov. 3, 2011) Until he was shot dead in his church in May 2009 by anti-abortion extremist Scott Roeder, Dr. George Tiller was the No. 1 target of anti-abortion groups in Kansas and around the country. Since then, abortion foes have relentlessly pursued one of his former colleagues, Dr. Ann Kristin Neuhaus; this Friday, a state panel that includes appointees of Kansas' anti-abortion governor will hold another hearing to decide whether Neuhaus will be allowed to keep her medical license.


From 1999 through 2007, Neuhaus spent one day a week in Tiller's clinic providing the legally required second opinion on whether there was a medical need for a woman to have a third-trimester abortion. She did not provide these later-term abortions herself at Tiller's clinic. In October 2006, Cheryl Sullenger, an anti-abortion activist and convicted felon, filed a complaint, alleging that Neuhaus did not adequately evaluate the women who came to Tiller's clinic or properly document their cases in her files. That led to an investigation by the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts, which regulates medical services in the state.


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