Sept. 16, 2011


Hey GOP 2012ers: You Lie!
by David Corn - Mother Jones  

How many times can a candidate peddle falsehoods before it’s okay to use the L-word?

(Sept. 13, 2011) Let's cut to the chase: The GOP presidential field is a pack of liars.  

That sounds like a rather intemperate assessment, the sort of statement that is motivated by bitter partisanship or blinding ideology. But taking a clear-eyed look at both the false statements hurled at Monday's Republican debate (brought to you by the odd merger of CNN and the Tea Party Express) and those deployed at other times in this still burgeoning primary race, it's difficult to reach any other conclusion. Most of these presidential wannabes are shoveling lies—and forcing fact-checkers to work overtime.  

Glenn Kessler, who writes the Washington Post's Fact Checker column, spotted numerous whoppers at Monday's debate. (It was easy work.) Some examples:  

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