August 27, 2010


‘It's Not Selling Your Body, It's More Like Controlled-Access Rental’
by Titania Kumeh | Mother Jones

Still of Spread Magazine CoverAsked if he’s ever felt exploited as a sex worker, Will Rockwell — the 24-year-old editor-in-chief of the sex worker-operated magazine $pread — replies, "Yes, by the media. Every interview we do is twisted for the purposes of sensationalistic propaganda, whether it's the conservative New York Post jerking itself off over the Spitzer scandal or Ms. Magazine fantasizing about female victimhood and applying it in broad strokes to people they never really cared to know, and certainly never offered a helping hand free of judgment and surveillance." He says the sensationalist and often stereotype-ridden depictions of sex workers — prostitutes, exotic dancers, dominatrices, phone-sex operators, and people who engage in informal forms of transactional sex — by media outlets sparked the 2005 creation of $pread, the country’s only magazine developed by and for sex workers.

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