July 30, 2010


Can This Dem Defeat Congress' Tea Party Ambassador?

In Minnesota's "bible belt," pro-choice Democrat Tarryl Clark is taking on conservative firebrand Michele Bachmann—and she just might have a shot of winning.
by Suzy Khimm | Mother Jones

Tarryl Clark headshot
Minnesota state Sen. Tarryl Clark
Rep. Michele Bachmann
When it comes to enraging liberals, few Republicans in Washington can compete with Rep. Michele Bachmann. Since grabbing headlines in 2008 for calling then-candidate Obama "very anti-American," the three-term Minnesota congresswoman has transformed herself from a back-bench newbie into Washington's official ambassador to the tea party masses. She's denounced the AmeriCorps public service program as "re-education camps for young people," called upon Americans "to slit our wrists" to stop the health care bill, and declared that Democratic rule had turned the US into "a nation of slaves"—an unending stream of outrageous soundbytes that have turned her into a political lightning rod, perhaps rivaled only by Sarah Palin.

But while Bachmann's telegenic rabble-rousing has turned her into an icon of the conservative base, it's also placed her squarely in the Democratic Party's sights. Having squeaked by her last election by only 3 points, Bachmann is now facing Democratic state senator Tarryl Clark in what's already become one of the most expensive House races in the country.

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