April 08, 2012


Huffington Post for the Occupy Crowd?

A new online effort, Occupy.com, is raising hopes–and eyebrows—among the protest movement.

by Josh Harkinson I Mother Jones

Call him Occupy's Arianna Huffington.

New York filmmaker David Sauvage is cofounder of Occupy.com, a nonprofit multimedia and news-aggregation site that launches today (April 2, 2012) with financial backing from Hollywood, lots of complicated internal politics, and a plan to become a must-read for a new generation of activists. "There is so little in the media that the vast majority of people engage with that is alive, or powerful, or truthful, or messy, or complicated, or real," says Sauvage, 31, whose last project before joining Occupy Wall Street was a TV commercial for WSJ, the glossy magazine of the Wall Street Journal. "I would like to see the makers of content emerge as the shakers of the world."

That might sound like a tall order, but Sauvage has already seen the movement reward his ambitions. In October, he made a slick promotional video about Occupy Wall Street, then raised $7,000 on a crowd-funding website to air it on several cable channels, including a segment of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor. The spot caught the attention of Larry Taubman, a 61-year-old film producer, * who wanted to work with Sauvage on other Occupy-themed videos.

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