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April 6, 2007


Vote for your ‘Junk News’ favorite
by Project Censored

Project Censored announces its annual Internet voting for “Junk Food News and News Abuse Stories” of the year. Anyone can vote by selecting your top ten Junk Food Stories and top five News Abuse stories and sending your votes by email to:

Last Day to Vote: April 13, 2007 Results will be published in Censored 2008: Media Democracy in Action, Seven Stories Press, Fall 2007

Classroom teachers may have in-class votes and record the results by sending in your name and campus/high school class voting results.

Junk Food News are the most frivolous unimportant news stories from March 2006 to March 2007 covered by the corporate media.

Junk Food News List Nominations

1. Anna Nicole Smith has a baby

2. Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie have a baby and adopt others

3. Brittany Spears meltdown

4. Lindsay Lohan stint in rehab

5. Jon Benet Ramsey’s wannabe murderer John Mark Carr

6. Paul McCartney divorce

7. Prince Harry goes to Iraq

8. Paris Hilton/Nichole Ritchie tussle

9. Paula Abdul drunk on American Idol

10. Donald Trump/Rosie O’ Donnel fight

11. Miss USA drinks and takes drugs

12. American Idol contestant(s) in nudie pictures on Internet

13. Hillary Clinton and violent video games

14. Astronaut attacks romantic rival

15. New Orleans Saints move back into Superdome

16. Super Bowl candy kiss between two men

17. Gavin Newsom’s affair with his aide

18. Cheney’s gay daughter has baby

19. James Brown’s widow fights for inheritance

20. The “war” on Christmas and Easter

21. People camp out for days to get a PS3 game system

22. Madonna’s adopted African baby

23. O.J. Simpson’s how to commit a murder book

24. Lawsuits against the movie Borat

25. Kate Hudson/Owen Wilson get together

News Abuse Stories are serious topics over-covered in the corporate media.

News Abuse List Nominations for 2006-07

1. The death of Anna Nicole Smith

2. The death of crocodile hunter Steve Irwin

3. Katie Couric takes a co-anchor spot on network news

4. Racehorse Barbaro’s broken leg

5. E-coli in spinach

6. The poisoned Russian spy

7. Oprah Winfrey’s school for girls in South Africa

8. Two boys kidnapped in the St. Louis area and are subsequently rescued

9. Michael Richards racist meltdown

10. Mel Gibson racist meltdown

11. Duke University’s lacrosse teams alleged involvement in a rape

12. Mark Foley and congressional page sex scandal

13. Rising and falling gas prices

14. Television shows that catch pedophiles in “sting operations”

15. Election year hoopla (Rush Limbaugh makes fun of Michael J. Fox, the election horse race)

16. Amish schoolhouse murders

17. Regis Philbin has heart bypass surgery

18. Nancy Grace grills woman, woman then commits suicide

19. Woman dies drinking too much water in a water-drinking contest in Sacramento

20. Weather ups and downs


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