news commentary
  March 26, 2010


Open Letter To The Congress And The President

We the leaders of the Tea Party movement of Florida stand in stark opposition to any person using derogatory characterizations, threats of violence or disparaging terms towards members of Congress or the President.

The Tea Party movement is a peaceful movement and we denounce all forms of violence. This includes racial attacks. We do not condone, accept or encourage such behavior and fully understand that while no evidence of such behavior has been offered, we believe it is important to condemn it nonetheless.

We support all efforts to bring such parties to justice and have encouraged full cooperation within our movement and have asked for the same from the members of Congress who have leveled such claims. The Tea Party movement asks for fair and transparent investigation and prosecution of anyone accused of violence and also denounces any false claims of violence.

We will continue to stand together with likeminded patriots in defense of liberty, our constitution and our founding principles. We will work to protect the American people from those who aim her harm, who wish to weaken our national economy and those who seek to reduce our political voice through innuendo and unsubstantiated claims.

The Tea Party movement strongly opposes the legislation proposed by Congress and President Obama that takes away individual rights and grows government at the expense of the free market. We will fight hard for our positions but only while using peaceful means.

We are united in the effort to stop egregious government spending, spiraling deficits and destructive taxation; we will not stop, relent or fail to live up to the principles set forth in our Constitution!


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