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Heading up the mission that is the premise of Hostiles is Captain Joseph Blocker (Christian Bale), a veteran of the Indian Wars; the dying Cheyenne chief he is to escort is Yellow Hawk, a long-time adversary. Bale plays Blocker as grim and pitiless while Wes Studi portrays Yellow Hawk with all the stoic nobility we have come to expect in revisionist Westerns.

Reviewed by Mike Ireland

News Feature
Trump Approves US-Mexico Pipeline 'That'll Go Right Under the Wall'
by Lorraine Chow l EcoWatch (posted 07.7.17)

News Feature
Unequal Exchange: How Taxpayers Shoulder the Burden of Fossil Fuel Development on Federal Lands
by Janet Redman l Oil Change International (posted 07.7.17)

News Feature
Tom Hanks is fed up with NFL billionaires scamming taxpayers for stadiums
by Lindsay Gibbs l ThinkProgress (posted 05.12.17)

News Commentary
The Firing of an Officer Who Didn't Shoot First and Ask Questions Later Reveals The Greater Failings of Law Enforcement in the US
by Jeffery Robinson l ACLU (posted 07.7.17)

News Commentary
In Afghanistan: America's Longest War Will Never Be Won
by William Boardman l Reader Supported News (posted 04.18.17)

The Shape of Water
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Wonder Wheel
Call Me By Your Name
Reviews by Mike Ireland, Beck Ireland



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