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CITY FARE by Beck Ireland

Vietnamese buffet has something for everyone
Sung Son | 4116 Pennsylvania, Kansas City, MO 64111 (816) 931-0670

Comfort food amid suburban industrial chic
Spin! Neapolitan Pizza 4950 Main St. Kansas City, MO 64112 (816) 561-SPIN (7746)

New digs offer less elbow room, same fine American dining
Cafe Trio 4558 Main Kansas City, MO 64111 816-756-3227

Vegan café offers more than salads and sprouts
Café Seed 2932 Cherry St.Kansas City, MO 64108 816-561-7333

CITY FARE by Lisa Waterman Gray

Food and drink designed for game-day outings
  Yard House, 1863 Village West Parkway, Kansas City, KS | 10.24.08

Contrasts mark this bistro
  Blue Bird Bistro, 1700 Summit St., Kansas City, MO | 06.06.08

'Italian' that's more than satisfying
  Ricco's Italian Bistro, 11801 College Blvd., Overland Park, KS | 07.06.07

Good start to the day
  Eggtc., 5107 Main St., Kansas City, MO | 05.04.07

Authentic, rich food overcomes problems in communicating
  Chien Dynasty, 9921 W. 87th St. Overland Park, KS| 02.16.07

Strictly authentic
  Tarahumara Mexican Restaurant, 10001 W. 87th St. Overland Park, KS| 09.29.06

The quality continues, especially the desserts
  Napoleon's Bakery and Cafe, 706 Westport Rd., Kansas City, MO | 07.28.06

An exquisite 'rebirth'
  Governor's Meeting House Restaurant and Catering, 10910 W. 60th St., Shawnee, KS | 06.09.06

Menu choices satisfy many tastes
  Panzon's, 8710 Lackman Rd., Lenexa, KS | 03.10.06

Still one of the best
  Bo Ling's on the Plaza, 4800 Main St., Kansas City, MO| 02.03.06

Part of a 'devoted following'
  Avelluto's Italian Delight, 6522 Martway, Mission, KS| 01.06.06

Steady, widespread appeal
  Margarita's West, 12200 Johnson Dr., Shawnee, KS| 12.02.05

Crossroads' delight
  Mildred's in the Crossroads, 1821 Wyandotte, Kansas City, MO| 10.14.05

  904 Westport Road, Kansas City, MO| 09.30.05

Kokopelli Mexican Cantina
  5200 W. 95th St., Prarie Village, KS| 09.09.05

Hanna Bistro Cafe
  C7070 W. 105th St., Overland Park, KS| 08.26.05

Breakfast Perfection
  Milton's, 920 Massachusetts., Lawrence, KS | 07.01.05

Café Expresso III
  Café Expresso III, 723 S.W. Blvd., Kansas City, MO | 05.13.05

  Zin, 1900 Main St., Kansas City, MO | 04.08.05

A bubble of contentment
  Jasper's, 1201 W. 103rd St., Kansas City, MO | 03.25.05

Off to a good (and tasty) start
  Le Peep, 7936 Quivera Rd., Lenexa, KS | 02.11.05

Authentic Brazilian cuisine
  Sabor Brasil, 7148 W. 80th St., Overland Park, KS | 01.28.05

Thai comfort food
  The Thai Place, 4130 Pennsylvania, Kansas City, MO | 11.30.04

A delicious transport elsewhere
  Aixois French Restaurant, 301 E. 55th St., Kansas City, MO | 10.15.04

A traditional Italian mainstay
  Johnny Cascone's, 6863 W 91st St., Overland Park | 8.27.04



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EDIBLE WORDS by Mike Taylor

Steady and predictable excellence
  Tatsu's French Restaurant, 4601 W. 90th St., Prairie Village, KS | 12.28.07

Anticipation well deserved
  Accurso's Italian Restaurant, 5044 Main, Kansas City, MO | 11.09.07

An adventure in taste matched by service
  Red Snapper, 8430 Ward Parkway, Kansas City, MO | 09.14.07

Simply astounding
  Café Maison , 408 E. 63rd St., Kansas City, MO | 03.31.06

One of nine - 54th Street north of the river
  54th Street Grill & Bar, 6332 NW Barry Rd., Kansas City, MO | 01.13.06

Great taste of the Big Easy
  LaCroix's Creole Bistro, 4019 Pennsylvania, Kansas City, MO | 12.02.05

Authentic, without a doubt
  The Rheinland Restaurant, 208 N. Main St., Independence, MO | 08.05.05

Another fine grinder
  Jovito's Italian Café, 12309 State Line Rd.| 06.17.05

'Homecooked' at its best
  Leona Yarbrough's Family Restaurant, 10310 Shawnee Mission Pkwy | 04.29.05

An embrace of French character and class
  Le Fou Frog, 400 E. 5th St., Kansas City, MO | 03.05.05

Plenty of respect due
  Californos, 4124 Pennsylvania, Kansas City, MO | 01.05.05

Plenty of spice but one ingredient is missing
  The Red Vine Cajun Restaurant & Jazz House, 1700 E. 18th St., Kansas City, MO | 10.29.04

Mexican taken to a new level
  Maya's Mexican Bistro, 12921 State Line Rd., Kansas City, MO | 9.17.04

Lack of 'buds' brings on preference of taste
  Missing the distraction and enjoyment of eating out | July 15, 2004

Raw goodness
  Sushi Gin, 9559 Nall, Overland Park, KS | June 18, 2004

Top-tier dining experience 
  Phillips Chophouse, 106 W. 12th St. | March 04

Neighborhood attraction 
  O’Neill’s Restaurant and Bar, 4016 W. 95th St, Prairie Village, KS | Feb. 04

A (delicious) part of KC history 
  The New York Bakery and Deli, 7016 Troost | Jan. 04

The right kind of sentiment
  Shields Manor Bistro, 121 Main, Platte City, MO
| Dec. 03


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