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November 7, 2008



An end as much as a win — maybe
by Bruce Rodgers

Around the time Barack Obama secured the Democratic nomination from Hillary Clinton, conservative bloggers started referring to him as “The One.” Later, it was reported, the moniker would seep into the internal communications of the McCain/Palin campaign. Likely, the name referenced the Keanu Reeves character Neo in The Matrix films — a savior who destroys the entrenched and enslaving illusion that holds sway over mankind through programs called Agents. For many, that scenario describes the eight years of the Bush administration.

But the term wasn’t one of endearment. However revealing it may be to the collective psychic of McCain supporters in how they viewed their own “savior,” calling Obama The One was a term of sarcasm and derision. Yet ironically, one could argue — if backed by polling in how widespread the term took hold among Obama supporters — the nickname enhanced the opportunity Obama said he was bringing to the political landscape.

Think about it … what does “W” or “Maverick” suggest compared to The One?

The election of Barack Obama to the presidency of the United States is a great thing, for Americans and the world. It was an extraordinary event. Whether divine intervention, an exercise of universal will operating in concert or the power of one remarkable individual, Obama’s ascent to the world’s stage brings hundreds of millions of people hope, joy and gratification (see Kansas City Camera Patrol, Amidst war, hunger, division, environmental destruction and pain of every imaginable sort, Obama becomes The One to fashion a believable expectation that things will finally get better.

And what of the ones who buried such yearnings under a barrage of lies, ignorance and political machinations during the last eight years? Outside of the United States, they are the dealings of other people. In America, what of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and the Bushites who have done the dirty work? Will they get their retirement pay, their speaking engagements, their book deals and keep their connections to power to further wealth and a possible return to power? Or will justice seek to burn away their shadows of evil doings in the hot glare of the law? Probably not.

That likely realization eats at some even as they celebrate Obama’s victory. And they wonder if Obama will speak of retribution in either the manner of forgiveness or truth seeking.

Historians will view the George W. Bush administration as a failure. It’s only success being in creating such desperation among good people that Obama emerged to symbolize an eventual fumigation of what Bush/Cheney brought this land and the world.

Historians will also wonder why this president and vice president were never held accountable. Why in obvious and stark terms, illegal actions were ordered, facts manipulated and all manner of deceit used to foster power for such narrow gains that enriched collaborators entrapped by the same trickery they delivered to the American people.

Blame lies with Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in taking “impeachment is off the table,” blame lies with Congress in a blanket assessment that pursuing the possible illegality behind the actions of the Bush administration would — in the words of a spokesman for Congressman Emanuel Cleaver — be a “distraction,” an impeachment action “a largely symbolic act” and “prevent anything else being accomplished in the next year.”

Those quotes came from a column I wrote Nov. 9, 2007 ( Ask yourself: What has Congress done a year after that column was written that investigating bringing possible impeachment proceedings against President Bush and Vice President Cheney would have not gotten done? The answer is nothing. The wars keep going, the health care situation keeps deteriorating, carbon emissions continue to rise, jobs still are being shipped overseas and the economy worsens. And the buck stops with Bush, for he did nothing, adding to the suffering and deception.

At least the distraction of an impeachment inquiry could possibly have kept the Bushites too occupied to further damage the country. But Bush will escape, and so will Cheney, all along helped by the mainstream press, which ignored facts, failed to investigate and protected the status quo thereby protecting Bush and Cheney.

As one fellow journalist put it: “Cheney is evil. Maybe in the end he will be looked upon and reviled like Spiro Agnew, J. Edgar Hoover and Joe McCarthy” — someone despised, hated and forever ridiculed. In my book that’s not enough; justice has not been served.

With just a few months left, the Bush administration continues to damage the country. In Nov. 4, 2008 editorial, The New York Times recounts what this administration has done — and continues to do — to eradicate civil liberties, damage the environment, weaken the right to choose and continue to award corporations and the wealthy. Read Thomas Frank’s book The Wreaking Crew, which Harper’s described as “How a Gang of Right-Wing Con Men Destroyed Washington and Made a Killing.”

Even after Obama takes office, some of those unscrupulous individuals will still be in the federal government. As Mother Jones reports in the November/December issue, the practice of “burrowing in” is taking place. That “entails transferring from a political position to a career slot” in an attempt to “stack the federal bureaucracy with committed conservatives.”

Obama and his administration face daunting challenges: two ongoing wars, a health care crisis, energy independence, climate change and the economy. And all will be made tougher to deal with, to solve because the stinking residue of the Bush administration will be left behind in the nooks and crannies of every federal agency.

Courtesy the Democrats and the corporate press.

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