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September 12, 2008

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Notes for a general election: It's time for a re-boot Sarah Palin

by Quan Tracy Cherry

Just doing some late Sunday night thinking…

Here's something of interest: Arizona was the 48th state to enter the union, Alaska the 49th (two days after Castro took Cuba back from Batista), Hawaii was 50th and Delaware was the first. McCain, Palin, Obama and Biden, respectively.

I've decided to call this election a re-boot of America. As Secretary of State Rice said, “Slavery was a birth defect for America” — that's what this election is. Women and black men did not have the right to vote in 1776. I'm not saying that a vote for Obama balances the last 232 years of American affirmative action for certain groups (Yes, I know that's emotional charged, but admit to your skin and/or class privilege sans guilt, please). It is about the equality of resources, the distribution of resources.

It's time for a RE-BOOT (and you, Palin, and Mc Cain ain’t it; if anything you two are a computer program with multiple glitches, possibly Microsoft Vista?).

The last three states merging into the first state — hello transformational Scorpio Sen. Joe Biden. For the merging of the personal and political, I'll raise you a wife and infant daughter, death to a Down's Syndrome baby or POW any day Biden lost family in auto accident in 1972. Even BHO loss of his father (cause his father left, but didn’t die) doesn't trump what Biden has gone through, and lived to become the father of another child.

You Palin choose to have Trig, after all it’s pro-choice. You choose to teach “abstinence only” sex-ed to your eldest daughter child (after you were pregnant before you were married). You choose to cut the budget of Covenant House in Alaska by 20 percent for teen pregnancy.

It’s time for a RE-BOOT.

What about institutionalizing some of those values in taking care of those in need? What about your own special needs child? You choose to talk about being a “hockey mom“ as a qualification. You choose family values. McCain chose to go to war, he didn't have to, or is he like Bristol being pressured into it because his father and grandfather were in the Navy? And Bristol has to have this child because you said yes; but it‘s not about Bristol, it’s about the blatant hypocrisy running rampant amongst those who know they will be in the minority in the USA as soon as 2042, the majority minority. Young girls being brainwashed to forego protection from even STD’s and AIDS — got to keep that “white” population growing, forget this overpopulated planet, too.

It’s time for a RE-BOOT. You are a flash-in-the-pan-all surface selling your soul to each demographic Aquarian (the previous model’s definition of politician). When the water comes, your trees will be uprooted. You have no depth otherwise you wouldn’t parade your special needs child in front of thousands of people, not to mention your unmarried pregnant daughter.

I remember on the fourth day, when I returned to work for six hours, how much I missed my own son, and I’m a man. He didn’t share my body for nine months. You could have turned the VP selection down. I know, I hear the sexist unfair comments, but before you do, I turned down working as an attorney in Washington State to move with my infant son seventeen years ago. I’d give you the benefit of the doubt had you not gone back to work three days after his birth (personal decision, yes) and if you had not line item vetoed Covenant House’s budget, Do you really care about pregnant teens other than your own daughter? You possess mean male energy in a female body. It is not about having it all, it is about discerning what you can realistically do, and do well. And, frankly, I do not think you are smart enough to take on the level of responsibilities in front of you.

It's time for a RE-BOOT, it is not abortion rights; it's PRO-CHOICE. Bristol, it is your body, choose well. But, Gov. Palin from oil rich Alaska and rich yourself, realize all of us don't have the same amount of PRIVILEGE, God notwithstanding. When you read from your literal interpretation of the Bible remember that those who wrote it didn't know how babies were created, certainly they did not have the science of knowing the difference between conception and the implanting into the uterus, and besides, fuck, how did you get here? RE-BOOT, RE-BOOT, RE-BOOT!!!

Remember representatives from last three states and the first state admitted to the union are running for president...

I endorse with the last and the first, or what politically fundamentalist theocratic Palin and her ilk will understand “the Alpha and the Omega” and “whoever is last shall be first” that is, neither Arizona or Alaska, it is Hawaii (Obama) and Delaware (Biden).

If we are going to gain the World (the 21st Trump in the Tarot), we must focus on the now moment of the Fool (the zero, 22nd Trump in the tarot).

Fundamentalists want the world to end. Increased polarization (no, pun intended with Palin suing to KEEP the polar bears OFF the endangered species list) will lead to the end of the world as we know it. Read Revelations on the literal tip, lately?

Quan Tracy Cherry writes Out of Time & Space Astrology for eKC online. More information on Quan can be found at www.beliefisnotrequired.com


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