July 14, 2012

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Money and elevators (not the ones for grain)
by Michael Caddell

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach recently declared to the press that lawyers were “shameless” in requesting fees in excess of $675,000 from the federal judges who drew up the redistricting maps that Gov. Sam Brownback and the state legislature could not produce on time.

I would like to remind Kansas residents of the more than $640,000 in lawyers fees awarded to defend the unconstitutional and draconian abortion clinic regulations passed in 2011 by our “free market” loving lawmakers.

We should not forget the final bill yet to come for former KS Attorney General Phill Kline and his the revolving door of lawyers as he fights to stay a practicing attorney. The great defender of the “preborn” has been costing Kansas taxpayers as money goes to his cronies toward keeping his lapsed Kansas law license. The bill isn’t in yet, but coupled with the millions he expended while in office to persecute women and their doctors for legal abortions, the amount promises to be sizable.

A “known unknown” (to quote former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld) is the $75,000 to Art Laffer, father of supply-side economics, for his layover in the flyover zone of Topeka last year in testifying in support of Brownback’s tax policies. Good Old Boy Art, while on his way to Tennessee, declared Brownback a genius in cutting state jobs, eliminating income taxes, etc. Bush #41 called Laffer's methods “voodoo economics.” Laffer declared victory and announced to the country that Kansas is having a "revolution in a corn field."

Then there is the $31 million Gov. Sam sent back to DC over the health insurance exchange program, and the million or so lost from matching grants for the arts, a small matter for people who only see golf courses. Brownback then informs all that the future of the Supreme Court-tested Affordable Care Act hinges on the November election with the Republican intent of running out of office what many Kansans call "that n-word socialist in the White House."

Now we have 60 and more Kansas counties declared drought disasters meaning there will be lines of heavily subsidized livestock feed farmers holding their hands out for federal loans and crop insurance claims. Talk of the hateful federal government somehow rings of hollow hypocrisy.

Then our Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer, a plastic surgeon, travels to DC to testify against "Obamacare" before a partisan stacked committee in the House of Representatives. He won't benefit from “Obamacare,” not one cent as a cosmetic surgeon. What does he care if the poor get health care?

Colyer returns with Brownback, fresh from a visit in Great Britain, to crank out a press release lauding the virtues of the KU Medical Center in becoming a national cancer research flagship using the words "job creator" of all things. Of course, Colyer and Brownback forget to mention just how much federal money is pumped each year into the medical center.

And, finally, they want us to vote for Mitt Romney, the guy with the car elevator in one of his mansions. Elevators Kansans know all about, but not ones for expensive cars.

Michael Caddell writes the Fightin’ Cock Flyer blog and hosts Radio Free Kansas, an Internet radio program. He lives in Nortonville, KS.