June 29, 2007



Washington is
killing America's troops

by Jim Hightower

Let’s be blunt. It’s no longer the Sunni insurgents, Shiite militias or al Queda bombers killing our troops in Iraq. Washington is killing them.

George W — still clinging to his disgraced neo-con fantasies — and the congressional leaders of both parties — unwilling to use their budgetary and oversight authority — are the ones who have 150,000 American men and women trapped in Iraq’s civil war. The troops are doing all they can, yet they have been betrayed by a White House and Congress that has no strategy to make “victory” possible and is unwilling either to provide the massive troop strength it would take to secure that country… or to bring our troops home.

So, our men and women are locked in a gruesome shooting gallery by U.S. politicians who apparently intend to keep them there for the year and a half or so left in Bush’s term. Hundreds of them will die, thousands will be horribly maimed, and all will suffer trauma. They are not victims of the “enemy,” but of America’s own failed “leaders.” It is immoral to do this to them, but there they are.

Meanwhile, Bush keeps saying that his war is essential to America’s own security and is the “challenge of our generation.” But he is obviously lying to us. If it were true, all Americans would be enlisted in the cause. If it were true, we’d have half a million troops in Iraq, or more.

But that would mean that the families of the elites would have to be called to duty — and this is politically unacceptable to Washington. As one Bushite, Sen. Jeff Sessions, put it: “We have a limited number of men and women we can send to Iraq.” In other words, don’t call on his family or friends to make any sacrifices for this "essential" war.

They are killing Americans in a war they know they can’t win — and a war their families won’t join. This is a dishonorable sham, and only We the People can stop it. Protest more. Protest louder.

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