October 14, 2011



A political Buddy for the people

by Jim Hightower


Well, gosh, look at this: the Republican Party does have a presidential candidate who's not a far-right goofball, a product of Wall Street banksters, a tripped-out Koch head, or a yee-hawing bs-er from Texas.

Because of what this contender is not — and of what he is — you've probably never heard of him, and chances are quite good that he'll not be the GOP nominee. But Buddy Roemer should be listened to and ought to be the nominee of some party, because he's making a heap of sense. Not only is he daring to speak truth to power ˆ but truth about power. The central issue, says this former member of Congress and former Republican governor of Louisiana is "the corruptive power of big money in campaigns... it's about the big checks and special interests... and its Democrat and Republican."

The political and media establishment have responded to such rare honesty and blunt talk with blanket coverage of Roemer's campaign — by which I mean they've thrown a heavy blanket over him, hoping he'll neither be seen nor heard by voters, who might actually like what he's saying. He's not been allowed in any of the GOP's presidential debates, for example, even though his one-to-two percent showing in the polls is slightly better than that of Jon Huntsman, who has been consecrated as a "serious" candidate by the political cognoscenti.

Here's a little sampler of Roemer's ideas: "I would have a rule that lobbyists could not give a check to a candidate... that PACs could give no more than individuals... that there'd be no superPACs." And, he adds: "I would have a rule that there would be criminal penalties for violation of these rules."

This guy might actually be the people's buddy! Wouldn't you like to see Rick, Mitt, Michele and the rest have to deal with him in debates? To learn more go to www.BuddyRoemer.com.

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