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Our rights versus authoritarian wrong 08.04.12

Checking out corporate come-ons 07.20.12

Propagandizing school kids for corporate profit 07.14.12

A crass betrayal of America's middle class 07.06.12

Listen to the weeds 06.22.12

Dying for a corrupt Afghan oligarchy 06.15.12

'Double-S.O.B.' keeps making a killing 06.08.12

Bankers plan 'surgical' strike against their 'enemies' 06.01.12

Snarling Banker 05.25.12

Anheuser-Busch, drunk on greed 05.18.12

Egalitarian Mormonism vs. Mitt's plutocratic narcissism 05.11.12

Ryan's religious rationalization for budgetary nuttiness 05.05.12

To the barricades, people! 04.27.12

Baseball bobbles a big Constitutional play 04.21.12

Romney is just another word for Money 04.13.12

Woody at 100 03.31.12

The dirty little secret of Keystone XL 03.17.12

A surprising conspiracy by girls 03.09.12

Keene stands up for common sense and itself 03.03.12

The rich also suffer 02.24.12

What's in your iPhone? 02.17.12

A tiny bug spreads happiness 01.27.12

Memo to Supremes: Got ethics? 01.20.12

Afghanistan forever. And ever 01.13.12

Organize for 2012 01.06.12

Gifts that really do keep giving 12.30.11

It's hell out there for luxury shoppers 12.16.11

Some people have all the luck 12.09.11

How the 1% can camp out with the 99% 12.02.11

War on the Mexican Border! 11.18.11

America: A beacon of social justice? 11.11.11

Declare independence from corporate power! 10.28.11

Fired CEOs get gilded goodbyes 10.21.11

A political Buddy for the people 10.14.11

Vermont: first in the nation 08.26.11

Your job, Mr. President, is jobs 08.19.11

America's real 'job creators' are broke 08.05.11

Shoving America back to the Great Recession 07.29.11

Must We Eat the Bluebird of Happiness? 07.22.11

A lying hypocrite for President 07.15.11

No more Americans should die for Karzai 07.08.11

States budgeting for ignorance 07.01.11

Perry's Prayer-a-Palooza 06.24.11

Big coal buys access to 4th graders 06.17.11

Obama's karmatic pretzel 06.10.11

The Sixties made me do it 06.03.11

What's inside Big Oil's head? 05.27.11

The Kochs take one on the chin 05.20.11

Keeping score on Exxon 05.13.11

GOP House chooses big oil over granny 05.06.11

Run, Donnie, run! 04.29.11

Gubernatorial goofiness in Maine 04.22.11

Two unreasonable women 04.08.11

Help Elizabeth Warren fight the madness 04.01.11

Bank robbers on the loose 03.25.11

America's true crisis 03.18.11

Congressional looters 03.11.11

Smokers: Persona non-hireable 03.04.11

Billionaire bullies 02.25.11

Obama walked in the wrong direction 02.18.11

The Kochs are coming! 02.11.11

Obama Inc. 02.03.11

Health care, guns, and congress critters 01.28.11

Judy Bonds: A model citizen 01.21.11

Does everyone deserve a lobbyist? 01.14.11

Airports: Surrender all liberty, ye who enter by me 01.07.11

The rich versus the rest of us 12.31.10

Let's fight the tragedy of A.S.S. 12.24.10

A victory for truth-in-labeling 12.17.10

The boom is back!12.09.10

Hello, Vietnam! 12.03.10

Radiating, harassing and molesting flyers 11.24.10

I spy on you, and vice versa 11.19.10

Murdoch strips Fox of any journalistic integrity 11.12.10

Name those nuts! 11.05.10

The corporate assault on an honest senator 10.29.10

Free speech, but only for corporate speech 10.22.10

The immorality of ‘America At War’ 10.15.10

Oakland goes to pot 10.08.10

At last, Larry's gone 10.01.10

‘Conservatism’ has turned into ‘Crackpotism’ 09.24.10

Offshoring America's legal jobs 09.17.10

Bleeding heart Republicans 09.10.10

Labor Day: organize! 09.03.10

Republican lawmakers gone wild 08.27.10

Rigging the rules against unions 08.20.10

Yet another BP outrage 08.13.10

Kissing bankers' butts 08.06.10

Wall Street's ‘mom & pop’ bankers 07.30.10

Wimpy leaders ignore a strong people 07.23.10

Spending on the rich, cutting back on the rest of us 07.16.10

Franken V. Roberts 07.09.10

Soccer socialism 07.02.10

The Chamber of Commerce's ‘kumbaya’ moment 06.25.10

Uniting to fight Citizens United 06.18.10

The economy is up! Or is it down? 06.04.10

Feisty grannies stand up for peace 05.28.10

Monsanto comes a cropper 05.21.10

The biggest bank heist you never heard about 05.14.10

Who would want this job? | 05.07.10

Corporate murder? | 04.30.10

America needs a populist on the court | 04.23.10

The corporate fee game | 04.16.10

A public official who stands for us! | 04.09.10

Limbaugh loves universal health coverage! | 04.02.10

Drowning democracy in an ocean of corporate money | 03.26.10

Down on the GOP's farm | 03.19.10

Foreign corporations in our elections| 03.12.10

Needed: Vigara for backbones| 03.05.10

Lawmakers dance with the devil| 02.26.10

What happened to Wall Street reform?| 02.19.10

The lasting spirit of Howard Zinn| 02.12.10

A GOP leader's economic plan| 02.05.10

The Next Battleground For Health Care Reform| 01.29.10

Giving proper thanks to Wall Street| 01.22.10

Protest the repression of our freedom to protest| 01.08.10

Helpful New Year's resolutions | 01.01.10

The rich worry about you| 12.26.09

How to shake the hardship blues| 12.11.09

Weed Wars | 12.04.09

Where did the ‘Jobs President’ go? | 11.20.09

Dying for Karzai | 11.13.09

Fifty-Five healthcare hypocrites | 11.06.09

Getting smart about the ‘Smart Choices’ label | 10.30.09

The price of privatization | 10.23.09

Obama must get going on jobs | 10.16.09

Wall Street's new Halloween trick | 10.09.09

Health care tidbits | 09.25.09

Hide the sponsor | 09.11.09

Obama continues Bush rendition policy | 09.04.09

A traitorous assault on our democracy | 08.21.09

Cowering gun advocates of Congressy | 08.14.09

The invasion of genetically engineered eucalyptus | 08.07.09

Why support corporations that don't support us? | 08.01.09

Dog-sniff jurisprudenc | 07.24.09

Bankers behaving badly | 07.10.09

Reining in corporate tax dodgers | 07.03.09

Why no Republican health-care reforms? | 06.26.09

Should charity hospitals be charitable? | 06.18.09

Wall Street's recipe for another disaster  | 06.12.09

Death by pie  | 05.29.09

Those who directed torture: Too big to punish?  | 05.22.09

Reining in corporate tax dodgers  | 05.15.09

Wall Street still playing tricks on us  | 05.04.09

Two Iraq vets stand up to corporate giant  | 04.17.09

Watching you watch ads | 04.03.09

The sanctity of corporate contracts | 03.27.09

The milkman delivers | 03.20.09

Death, taxes... and debt collectors | 03.13.09

Blackwater metamorphosed A change in marketing strategy.| 02.27.09

Money deal taints the times
Trying to save the Times.| 02.13.09

Is Geithner really the best there is?
Don't pay taxes and get appionted to oversee of IRS.| 02.06.09

Stealth price increases on consumer products
Check the packaging.| 01.30.09

The crucial need to investigate presidential excess
It's about the Constitution.| 01.23.09

Why the homeland security department is so beloved
Building a wall to divide.| 01.16.09

The death of journalism
Possible outsourcing of our news.| 01.09.09

Holiday gifts for a better America
The gifts they all deserve.| 12.24.08

Diminishing the stench in Congress
The smell of tourism in Washington.| 12.19.08

Edible justice
The right of food.| 12.12.08

Link up with the Obama White House
The job of Obama supporters is not done.| 12.05.08

Don't be glum go shopping!
Just a touch of luxury.| 11.26.08

The biggest bank robbery ever
The hidden cost of a $700 billion bailout.| 11.21.08

Real change depends on us
Obama can't change the US by himself.| 11.14.08

A knee-jerk attack on poor people
Poor to blame for Wall Street problems.| 10.31.08

Barons of the mass media ignore the masses
Why not ask the average American what they think?| 10.24.08

Who's who in the bailout game
Some of the big players| 10.17.08

Bucking Wall Street
Why do we need Wall Streets approval? | 10.10.08

Bad timing on Treasury Department ads
Advice from the experts. | 10.03.08

Banking jobs on the move
Banks part of the problem. | 09.26.08

Another Bush mess to clean up
The worst job in the circus. | 09.19.08

What McCain's VP choice says about him
The Palin decision. | 09.12.08

Professor Bush economic nostrum
Distribution of the American Pie. | 09.05.08

Cashing in on payday loans
Regulating payday loans. | 08.29.08

What is that refreshing drink on the news desk?| 08.22.08

Bush's farewell gift to chemical bosses
The 11th hour action of the Bushites' reign. | 08.15.08

Again, Congress surrenders its constitutional powers
The mortgage bailout. | 08.08.08

DHSS border fence will split campus
Border fence cutting through University of Texas-Brownsville. | 07.25.08

DHSS border fence will split campus
Border fence cutting through University of Texas-Brownsville. | 07.25.08

Time to free up our freedoms
The confusion with the first ammendment. | 07.18.08

Skimming congressional funds
Sen. Nelson is pushing for answers. | 07.11.08

The news from Iraq
War not interesting enough to cover. | 07.03.08

Exxon sucking up profits and subsidies
Why alternative energy isn't profitable. | 06.20.08

And now, a word about the war
Those in the US that are not at war. | 06.13.08

Aging agitators
A link to freethinking elders. | 05.30.08

Middle-class anguish
America headed in the wrong direction. | 05.16.08

Spending your stimulus check
Think about where you spend. | 05.09.08

Fencing off our democracy
Make way for the border fence. | 04.25.08

The Olympics: let the spying begin
Cameras on every corner. | 04.18.08

Name that drug!
Behind the naming of prescription drugs. | 04.11.08

Who benefits from cloning?
Another angle for corporate control. | 03.28.08

Cut-rate labor for any job
Outsourcing local news. | 03.21.08

Forest Service serves mining company
Forest Service gives green light to mining. | 02.22.08

The crystal clear insights of Bill Kristol
Words of a New York Times columnist. | 02.15.08

Beware of corporate heroes
Empty gestures of Angelo Mozilo. | 02.08.08

Election integrity, 2008
Making sure our votes count. | 01.25.08

Unfriendly skies
Airline manipulation| 12.28.07

Sweatshop crucifixes
Where does your religious merchandise come from?| 12.21.07

Why not 'drink local?'
Environmental impacts of bottled water.| 11.30.07

Congressional betrayal
Low Democrat approval rating.| 11.21.07

A very personal protest
"Panties for Peace" in Burma.| 11.09.07

Stand with Obey
Thank you David Obey.| 10.19.07

It's gut-check time for Congress
Congress to show that they are an equal branch of government.| 10.12.07

Inescapable TV ads
Help keep America from becoming a nation of ad watchers.| 10.05.07

Look behind the curtain of freedom
Freedom's Watch and Bush propaganda and political manipulation.| 09.14.07

Rebuild the middle class
The economic and political elites are oblivious to the fact that America is breaking apart beneath their well-shod feet.| 08.31.07

Democrats cave in to Bush fearmongering
Shameful cowardice for scaredy-cat Democratic leadership. | 08.17.07

Pushing for shared prosperity
The working poor in America. | 08.10.07

Thompson the actor
Taking a different part. | 07.13.07

Washington is killing America's troops
Losing troops to a war we can't win | 06.29.07

Bush's imperial designs on Iraq
A permanent U.S. military presence in Iraq? | 06.15.07

The fraud of the voter-fraud scare
Where is the real problem with voter -fraud? | 06.08.07

Vacation to 'Warming Island'
Tours to see the effects of global warming up close. | 06.01.07

Why import so much food?
Even more reasons to support local business. | 05.18.07

More corporate war against workers
Who is the government trying to protect? | 05.11.07

Stamping out the free press
Washington officials doing something about corporate control or media | 05.04.07

Why media companies get no respect
Media companies have become the establishment they're supposed to guard against| 04.13.07

The privatization of Walter Reed
A scandal behind the scandal.| 03.23.07

George in fantasyland
Bush like Washington.| 03.16.07

Jennifer and the Pork Board
A thrilling story of David and Goliath.| 03.02.07

Molly Ivins
The loss of a true friend.| 02.16.07

Bush's health-care tax
So much ignorance in one little head.| 02.09.07

Immigration surrealism
US Government on immigration and religion.| 01.19.07

Responding to labor
National government responding to income gap, in China.| 01.12.07

Left-wing penguins and devilish tofu
Nothing is safe from a right-wing attack.| 01.05.07

Sensible priorities
Cutting the Pentagon's budget.| 12.29.06

The inspiring power of kids
Find the spirit of America in the kids.| 12.22.06

Invaders from afar
New breeds infesting our waters.| 12.15.06

Freedom of the press
The 2006 Worldwide Press Freedom Index results are in.| 12.01.06

Let them eat nanoparticles
Do we all know what is being put in our food? | 11.22.06

Exporting patients
Get treated in India to help big business.| 11.17.06

State Secrets
Journalists can be prosecuted for reporting big govenment stories.| 10.27.06

Katherine Harris speaks
A picture-perfect example of ultra-right-wing looniness.| 10.13.06

Messing with meat
Supermarkets injecting water into your meat.| 10.06.06

Sensible priorities
Bringing common sense to Washington.| 09.29.06

Biotech mutation of creeping bentgrass
The big "oops" from Monsanto Inc.| 09.22.06

Ashcroft cashes in
"Mad Dog" sells out as a lobbyist.| 08.31.06

The price of conglomerate journalism
Why Time Inc. dumped Barlett and Steel.| 08.25.06

Bad bosses
The worst of the worst.| 08.18.06

Locking down your right to know
George Bush's push for secrecy.| 08.04.06

The government's sick war on marijuana
Billions of dollars on a losing war since 1937. | 07.12.06

Getting goofy on homeland security
The FBI's big terrorist bust. | 07.14.06

Axing our national parks
Budget cuts for national park service. | 07.07.06

The Nardelli Model
Bob Nardelli, CEO of Home Depot: Poster boy of corporate management. | 06.23.06

Bush's mommy lawyers
How does Bush always get off the hook?| 06.09.06

Scratching the backs of corporate backer
Corporations giving money to lawmakers to get legislative favors. | 05.19.06

The Real Mother's Day
The history of Mother's Day that many don't know. | 05.12.06

Librarians battle for freedom
Librarians not giving up your personal records. | 05.05.06

Don't look down at immigrants, look up
Looking a new direction to fix immigration problems. | 04.28.06

Constricting high school education
Give kids a chance to find out what's out there. | 04.21.06

For the love of nature
George W's new secretary of interior's view on nature. | 04.07.06

Doing something about global warming
Eight states have adopted California's rule that automakers must reduce greenhouse gas emissions in cars by 2010. | 03.24.06

Conservatives chastise Bush
George W harming the right wing movement. | 02.17.06

The scandal is deeper than Abramoff
This scandal is a reflection of a system, not one man. | 01.27.06

George W wants corporate governance
America functioning as a corporation. | 01.06.06

The great money-gobbling war machine
What is the Pentagon doing with our tax dollars?| 12.30.05

It's about ministering, not preaching
The right way to use religion in politics| 12.23.05

Evangelical environmentalism
Ignoring science, Inhofe is now confronted by Evangelical Christians. | 12.09.05

A Thanksgiving connection
Thinking about small farmers| 11.18.05

Martial law for bird flu?
George Bush and public health care| 11.04.05

A better business model
What if business people started saying "no?" | 10.21.05

Steakhouse ethics
While loyalty is not a virtue in CorporateWorld, it still counts for something in a family-owned business.| 09.23.05

Finding the Democratic Party
Whatever happened to the notion that at least one party in congress should represent the will of the people? | 09.09.05

A secret giveaway to energy giants
It's time to take out a new contract on these legislative thugs. | 08.19.05

IBM's plans for the midddle class
IBM has become the leading practitioner of shopping the globe for the cheapest high-tech workers | 07.29.05

Small steps for bigger change
Two recent breakthroughs from our Thanks-For-Small-Favors department. | 07.1.05

The wrath of Leviticus
Religious extremists are on a white-hot tear, flexing their political muscle and seeking to impose their, Republican "Christianity" on all public policy. | 06.10.05

Bush's Evangelical Surprise
Graduation ceremony seemed to offer a picture-perfect audience of adoring fans from Bush's base, the Christian right-wing. | 06.03.05

Chevy's revolting revolution
Wrapping your corporation in the red, white and blue doesn't make it a true blue Yankee Doodle Dandy. | 05.20.05

Corparate free speech
  Corporate executives claim that their entities should have democratic rights. | 05.13.05

Bush's democratic relativism
  Democracy a relative value for the Bushites? | 04.29.05

Let's stop the 'Free Trade' nutballs
  "Free-trade" ideologues theories have turned out to be bunkum. | 04.22.05

Who owns Washington?
  Washington sides with the poor credit card industry. | 04.8.05

Open the government
  Real conservatives standing up against the rising tsunami of secrecy in government.. | 04.1.05

Bush's Bubble
  Our elitist leaders have lost all sense of economic morality. | 03.11.05

Who're really the steroid abusers?
  Those bad boys of sports who are juiced up on steroids. | 02.11.05

The real 'Accountability Moments'
  George W a “decisive” leader? | 02.11.05

Creeping Biometrics
  Creepy intrusions into our everyday lives | 01.07.05

The morality of the moralists
  What's wrong with these tongue-clucking scolds? | 12.17.04

Clean candidates elected
  Clean money campaigns are incentives to political candidates | 11.26.04

We've just begun to fight
  Don't give up the fight for our essential American values | 11.12.04

'Conservatives' push for more big brother
  Another Congressional Gooberhead Award | 10.22.04

The Ranks stand tall
  Fighting for the right to protest | 10.1.04

Making a splash
  Whizmark brings advertising into the bathroom | 9.17.04

American egalitarianism
  Fight to anew America's middle class | 9.3.04

Wal-Mart buys respectability
  Any sleazy outfit better than the Nazis is okay | 8.20.04

Caging free speech
  Fight George W's free speech zones | 8.13.04

Fight for your freedom to read
  The ol' GOP stole the vote | 7.30.04

The nuttiness of King George the W
  Let's stop letting those loopy zealots beat around the bush | 7.15.04

The Costco model
  Pissing off Wall Street | 7.02.04

Bush's 'respect' for vets
  Lots of rhetorical respect, but no support | 6.18.04

Trumping Trump
  Someone should fire him | 5.31.04


PUBLISHER'S NOTE by Bruce Rodgers

Joyce Maynard's labor in "Labor Day" l 02.06.14

Encountering fear l 06.03.13

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Occupying the revolution l 10.14.11

Abortion Free’ Kansas won’t happen l 07.01.11

The establishment got what they wanted l 02.25.11

Not voting? It’s understandable l 02.18.11

Overestimating the Funk’s weakness | 01.07.11

Show-Me hokum | 10.15.10

Being the outsider is Funkhouser’s reelection strength | 05.21.10

Liberals liberalizing | 05.10.10

Billionaires abound | 01.23.10

Admire, yes, support, no | 12.04.09

Dress code violations and other TIF business | 09.25.09

Beyond The Funk | 09.04.09

Communication breakdown | 08.07.09

On this Memorial Day … | 05.22.09

Conservative hysteria, Nixon’s timidity | 03.27.09

Television worth supporting, and disagreeing with | 03.06.09

It's really about the money | 02.27.09

Pat Gray's day | 01.23.09

Resisting the rinsing | 01.09.09

An end as much as a win – maybe | 11.07.08

Political lemmings, save one | 10.17.08

Enough Already | 09.26.08

Reacting to The Star's sins of omission | 07.25.08

Be patriotic - read a newspaper | 07.03.08

Stupidity for all, a threat to one | 06.20.08

Cynicism well grounded | 06.06.08

New boss same as the old boss? | 03.07.08

Five years... and counting | 02.29.08

Missed opportunity? | 02.08.08

Spinning a New Year's quarter | 01.04.08

Funkhouser the Provocateur, Funkhouser the Great | 12.14.07

Signs of decline continue | 11.09.07

White guys defending white guys | 10.26.07

Speaking truth to power…but not in The Star | 10.05.07

Semler must go | 09.07.07

When it comes to light rail in KC, it takes effort to work through the Mickey Mouse-ness of it all | 08.10.07

Does payback and ambition fuel criticism of Funkhouser? | 07.27.07

Dale, Jo, L.O. and the Bush Library | 06.29.07

Funk becomes more Clay-like | 06.15.07

Down on Funk | 05.25.07

Insiders' squabble | 05.04.07

'Funk-istis' by no means | 03.30.07

Choosing a mayor – difficult but not too messy | 03.23.07

Brooks goes on message, Funkhouser becomes a little more establishment | 03.16.07

Mayoral forum minus one | 03.09.07

A chance at a different kind of mayor's race | 03.02.07

Weeding the ego out of the mayoral candidates | 02.23.07

These bloggers an unimpressive bunch | 02.16.07

A crowd at the gate | 01.26.07

Ruminations on McClanahan and beyond | 12.29.06

It hurts to be an American | 12.03.06

The people's moxie | 11.10.06

A soccer game of power and privilege | 11.03.06

Sigh... Chastain is all we got | 10.20.06

Post-primary punditry | 8.11.06

Color instead of reporting | 7.21.06

Impressions from a candidates' forum | 7.01.06

Making America un-American | 5.19.06

Fairness, fear and the big disconnect | 3.31.06

Arrogance meets ineptitude
  Another look at the stadium election | 3.03.06

Questions that Alito weren't asked | 01.13.06

DLC road show hits KC | 8.28.05

Attention Democrats: The public doesn't care about the Bolton nomination | 6.14.05

Dysfunctional America
  As in the Kansas constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage | 4.01.05

KC gets 'Wal-Mart-ed'
  Glass reneges on promise | 2.14.05

Evolutionary leaps
  A public hearing of the Kansas Science Standards Committee | 2.2.05

Brace yourself
  The problems of a nation in decline | 11.3.04

Reasons abound to oppose Bistate II
  An issue of accountability, bailouts and ethics | 10.29.04

Sad, scary and pathetic
  A response to the first presidential debate | 10.1.04

Sticker shock
  Why the "Veteran for Kerry" sticker went on the truck | 9.2.04

Searching for someone to vote for
  The struggle for independent voters | 8.6.04

'Arena-itis' and other reflections about the August 3rd ballot
  From Question #1 to Constitutional Amendment #2... Go vote! | 7.28.04

Summertime teen thing
  Looking back to the Comprehensive Employment & Training Act of the '70s | 6.4.04

Dingbat reasoning
  Marry away... to hell with the Republicans who are afraid of anything not white, not straight and not Jesus-centered | 5.21.04

Political dancing over Union Station
  Barnes' downtown arena vs. museum property tax for Union Station | 5.14.04


Higher Ground

On a roll
Working against the War on Drugs — all across America

by Larry Gabriel | 07.14.12

Netherlands’ coffee shop confusion
Pot tourist ban doesn’t go off as smoothly as planned

by John Sinclair | 02.17.12

Lennon smoked too
by John Sinclair | 06.24.11

Conspiracy theories - Reader reactions to drug policy enlighten
by John Sinclair | 01.21.11

High society notes - Loving looks at best buds, old and new
by John Sinclair | 12.09.10

War (on drugs) is over by John Sinclair | 11.05.10


Oh, what a difference belief makes
  Pondering life and death and the significant role of God in each. | 04.11.05

Blame it on Paris
  Election wasn't decided by cultural values, after all. | 03.18.05

Talk to the Animals
  Poor communication system, ignorance and arrogance all contributing factors in the tsunami disaster
| 01.21.05

Knock, knock, who's there
  Canvassing neighborhoods for America Coming Together, part of the Get Out the Vote initiative | 11.2.04

Send home the clown
  George W should portray himself on Saturday Night Live | 10.15.04

From the mouths of babes
  Teach your children to make informed choices | 9.10.04

Mum's the word
  Overcome your fears about offending your neighbors | 8.30.04


Tom Bogdon

Haunted by NAFTA | 10.26.07

Time to step forward, Mr. Gore | 10.12.07

McCaskill either clueless or haughty when it comes to commenting on violence against labor organizers
| 09.28.07

The issue of abortion leans heavily on both political parties | 08.24.07

Bad TIF, good TIF | 08.03.07



Missouri Republicans Whip Refugees l 12.08.15

'Moo,' she said l 06.10.15

What makes me a Missiourian? l 04.24.15

On coconuts and literature: Reading books as a discipline l 12.19.14

My favorite bus l 11.22.14

A walk on the Westside | 11.04.14

Swearing loyalty to whom? | 08.28.09

‘Small government’ devotees suck in federal dollars | 08.07.09

Suffering under our health care market | 07.17.09

Who will save the raft?
  A different approach for choosing a mayor in KC.| 02.02.07

Jackson County legislators play taxpayers as dupes
  Jackson County Legislature living up to its reputation.| 12.01.06

Babbit-like minds face the will of the people
  Will the light rail ever be a reality?| 11.17.06

Kansas City's rain gardens hide the truth
  The wrong approach to being environmentally friendly.| 10.06.06

Those dirty immigrants? Don't buy it.
  Other problems leading us to immigration issues.| 09.08.06

A race lost but worth it
  A comment after the race.| 08.18.06

Our moment of independence
  An evening of peace.| 07.14.06

Gay has its day
  Kansas City's Gay Pride Festival.| 06.09.06

Nixon: The pretend Democrat
  Democrat and Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon shows just how much like a Republican he can look.| 05.12.06

Immigrants already American
  How immigration laws have changed over the years.| 04.21.06

Gordon Parks showed us who we were
  Mourning the death of writer Gordon Parks.| 03.10.06

Just how much does common sense cost?
  The billions to be spent on the Gulf Coast should be spent on public welfare rather than corporate well being.| 02.03.06

Louis, the baseball player, and the year in KC that ruined childhood
  Some life changing memories.| 01.06.06

Enforcing the border to hide the war
  The real motivation behind Bush's "enforce the border" statements.| 12.02.05

Changing the face of the United States: A national defense based on good will
  $400-plus billion is a hefty price tag for a questionable foundation of national identity.| 11.04.05

  A town full of Babbitt
  Examine every word from city hall, the state government and corporate and civic leaders to find out what’s in it for them.| 10.14.05

  A pocket full of dynamite works both ways
  The Westside is, again, another development target, and the neighborhood won’t accept it quietly.| 9.16.05

  Taking the river back from
the special-interest exploiters

  The river’s not just a trough for corporations to feed at and politicians to make hay from.| 8.05.05

In Jack, a crime of which we are all guilty
  Felon friendly companies will still hire convicted felons as long as the former inmate is willing to make some sacrifices| 7.15.05

Sen.Talent has forgotten me...maybe
  An email exchange discussing changing the Senate rules over the President's judicial nominees| 6.6.05

Kauffman Foundation earns Doggie Doodoo Prize
  The movers behind the promised Kauffman Performing Arts Center have yet to deliver| 5.6.05

Home for the homies
  Westsiders decided to get to know their neighbors | 4.6.05

Swallow the posion
  Kansas conservatives — like many, if not most, conservatives these days | 3.4.05 

 'Moral issues' that are neither moral nor issues
  The invocation of moral issues as a political tool is about control | 2.4.05

  A boy and his friend have a tough start in 2005
  Miriam thought she needed for the New Year was crack | 1.4.05

Blunt and Republicans serve up 100 persent pure Missouri Hokum
  Blunt relies heavily on medical malpractice tort reform to get elected | 12.4.04

Two kids and a very big river
  An afternoon at the KCMO Riverfront Park | 11.2.04

UMKC and its student government assail the First Amendment
  The UMKC Student Government Association's resolutions to make the student
newspaper 'better' | 10.8.04

Downtown formerly American
  American Formal Wear's move out of downtown Kansas City | 9.7.04

Pre-poll fright night
  Distributing political literature | 8.5.04

Just close your eyes
  Examining the candidates for the MO 5th Congressional District race | 7.9.04

Checked in, and out
  Fearing we settle for less on the issue of race | 6.4.04

Quit complaining and start agitating
  Complain, compete, get into action: Inside the Media Reform Workshop | 5.7.04


Greg Palast

‘Stick your damn hand in it’ — 20th birthday of the Exxon Valdez lie | 02.20.09

'Turn around while you can! Trust me, Queens sucks too!' | 02.20.09

Obama is a two-face liar. Aw-Right! | 01.30.09

Bill Richardson - Kissinger-American | 01.09.09

Obama's 'Way-to-go, Brownie!' Moment? | 12.12.08

The Pits: Georgia's GOP swipes the Peach State | 11.07.08

Vote for him - because he's black | 11.03.08

Nuns on the Run - one way they're trying to steal your vote | 10.24.08

BBC-TV: 'Set up to steal it again.' Is 2008 alerady fixed? | 10.10.08

Night of the Living Vote-snatchers - from Steal Back Your Vote! | 09.19.08

Chewing the Buddha - Bush at the Olympics | 08.22.08

The McCain Plan: Homer Simpson without the donut | 08.08.08

Obama doesn't sweat. He should. | 08.01.08

The house I live in | 07.11.08

Court rewards Exxon for Valdez spill | 06.27.08

Obama's secret war on profiteering tax | 05.23.08

Robert Kennedy, Greg Palast: The Final Investigation? | 05.02.08

José can you see? Bush's Trojan Taco | 04.25.08

As the reverend said... especially Pennsylvania | 03.28.08

The $200 billion bailout for predator banks and Spitzer charges are intimately linked | 03.14.08

$300 million from Chavez to FARC a fake | 03.07.08

Exxon suxx. McCain duxx | 02.29.08

The South Carolina you won't see on CNN | 01.25.08

George of Arabia: Better kiss your Abe 'goodbye' | 01.18.08

Space Invaders: Five million aliens for Hillary (or) Will José Crow voter ID laws pick our president? | 01.11.08

Good and Evil at the Center of the Earth: A Quechua Christmas Carol | 12.28.07

Fear of Chavez is fear of democracy | 12.07.07

Hillary's Musharraf | 11.16.07

Burn Baby Burn - The California celebrity fires | 11.02.07

Dan Rather: Tased and confused and the still-unreported story of 'Top Gun' George Bush | 9.28.07

Bush's Fake Sheik Whacked: The Surge and the Al Qaeda Bunny | 9.21.07

American Nightmare: Gonzales 'wrong and illegal and unethical | 8.31.07

Hurricane George – How the White House Drowned New Orleans | 8.24.07

Busted (and) Crimes of the Times | 8.03.07

John Perkins: Jerk, con-man, shill | 7.06.07

Randi Rhodes and Greg Palast hunt Giuliani's favorite vulture | 6.22.07

US Attorney resigns following Conyers' request for BBC documents | 6.01.07

The goods on Goodling and the keys to the kingdom | 5.25.07

An Army of Rove-Bots – Captain Iglesias, Obstruction of Justice and the Theft of 2008 | 5.18.07

Don't fire Gonzales | 4.27.07

The Accomplices: Sundance George and Butch Reid and the Virginia Tech Massacre | 4.20.07

It's STILL the oil: Secret Condi meeting on oil before invasion | 3.23.07

Bush's hit-woman behind prosecutor firings has long history of purges to protect Bush | 3.16.07

Bush's new US attorney a criminal? | 3.9.07



Because he is black
  Skin is just skin... so why is it still controversial? | 8.6.04

A sweet alternative to cable TV
  Discover the wealth of radio Internet shows | 7.9.04

18th and Vine can't be what it was, but...
  Today's jazz district is nothing like that of the 30s and 40s | 6.11.04

The scariest numbers
  The Bureau of Labor Statistics' unemployment count misleads | 5.7.04



Money and elevators (but not the kind for grain)
by Michael Caddell | 07.14.12

Desperate Times Demand Revolutionary Measures
by Peter Phillips | 05.18.12

Bicycle and Walking are Important to Our Nation's Future
by Brent Hugh | 03.24.12

Haditha massacre: Covering up war crimes in a criminal war
Falsifying history in the service of Empire

by Brian Becker, National Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition | 01.27.12

White House role in blocking climate progress "unforgivable"
by Jill Stein
| 12.16.11

Bicycle and Pedestrian Funding is Key to Our Nation's Health
by Brent Hugh | 11.04.11

40 years is enough - end the Drug War
by Wes Benedict, Executive Director Libertarian Party 06.17.11

Setting the record Straight – Much ado about nothing
American Friends Service Committee Statement 04.04.11

Call for nonviolent alternatives to end the conflict in Libya
American Friends Service Committee Statement 03.25.11

Women’s Work-More, Earn-Less Plan Hurts
by Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of State 03.11.11

International Action Center statement on the Arizona shootings and the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords
by International Action Center 01.01.11

Government officials afraid of a full-body scan of their words should resign
by Mark Hinkle| 12.24.10

Inside Two Americas - Are Elected Officials Capable of Feeling Our Pain? | by Brent Regan | 11.24.10

IVAW Statement on the Iraq War Logs - A Call for Accountability | by Iraq Veterans Against the War | 10.29.10

Vote Yes on Amendment #2
by the Association of Community Mental Health Centers of Kansas | 10.15.10

From Current and Former Members of the U.S. Military | 04.23.10

Missouri Health Care for America Now Reacts to Massachusetts Special Election Results | by Bar Kaelter, Board President, Missouri ProVote | 01.22.10

American Mantra: Free Market Capitalism and Obama | by Peter Phillips | 01.08.10

America’s scary healthcare policies and more | by Lloyd Walsh | 08.28.09

Real health care reform must include a choice of a public health insurance option
| by Julie Burkhart| 06.12.09

A black president doesn’t mean racism is gone in America
| by Peter Phillip| 04.17.09

Knotty Problems
| by Tom Klammer| 03.27.09

My children were not there when...
| by Rev. Helen Nelson| 11.14.08

President Sarah Palin: Commander in Chief
| by Beth F. Coye| 09.26.08

Notes for a general election: It's time for a re-boot Sarah Palin
| by Quan Tracy Cherry | 09.12.08

Global starvation ignored by American policy elites
| by Peter Phillips| 09.05.08

U.S. perpetuates mass killings in Iraq
| by Peter Phillips| 07.18.08

Missouri Immigration Lawyers denounce Missouri House Bill 1549
| by Angela Ferguson| 07.11.08

Take Action for Tomas Young
| by Ellen Spiro and Phil Donahue | 06.20.08

Cuba supports press freedom
| by Peter Phillips | 05.30.08

Streetcars on Troost proposal
| by Larry Thrasher| 05.09.08

An election without meaning
| by Peter Phillips| 03.21.08

Senate Bill 764 is an economic benefit to the state
| by Christine Woody | 03.07.08

Truth Emergency Movement seeks to counter America's diet of corporate journalism
| by Peter Phillips & David Kubiak| 01.25.08

Consuming Christmas | by Vicki Walker | 12.28.07

Why the US lacks full health care | by Peter Phillips and Bridget Thornton | 10.12.07

Ahmadinejad is a convenient distraction | by Kale Baldock | 10.05.07

A comment on Yael Abouhalkah's Star editorial about KC leaders | by Wayne Flaherty| 09.07.07

Purpose and Method of Red Bridge Road Study in Trouble | by the Friends of Red Bridge| 09.07.07

Dear Dog Lovers | by Deb Hipp| 08.31.07

A skewed HNTB light rail study | by Clay Chastain| 08.24.07

Payday lenders provide a valuable service | by Tom Linafelt | 08.03.07

An eight-lane I-70? Is that really what we need? | by Ron McLinden| 07.20.07

A highway that will affect all of Johnson County | by James McKown and Chris Vanhoecke| 07.06.07

Put away the flags | by Howard Zinn| 07.03.07

Mayor Funkhouser needs to support products made in KC | by Jim Stoufer| 06.22.07

Times are changing, but unions remain vital to workers | by Bob Hemenway | 06.08.07

Oh, what a tangled web we weave...
| by Ken Evans | 04.13.07

How Chastain's light rail plan affects you
| by Wayne Flaerty | 01.26.07

Reminder to legislators: 'The Welfare of the People Shall be the Supreme Law' - That's Missouri's State Motto
| by Bob Quinn| 01.12.07

Wounded watchdog
| by Bob Quinn| 10.20.06

MASW outraged by PSC decision – cost shifted from utilities to those least able to pay
| by Bob Quinn| 9.22.06

More about a soccer stadium than youth
| by Wayne Flaherty | 9.08.06

What to consider when your cat or dog needs a new home
| by Tina Perrin| 6.23.06

The end of times | by Jean-Claude Gerard Koven | 6.16.06

Inflated terrorism - Propaganda lies | 6.02.06

The referee's call | 5.12.06

From the Bleachers: Citizen views on the April 4 stadium sales tax/rolling roof proposals | 4.03.06

Idiocy and Justice Scalia | by L Scott Smith | 2.24.06

Open letter to members of the US Senate Judiciary Committee |From: the Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy (POCLAD)| 1.20.06

MASW responds to the Gov. Blunt's State of the State
| by Robert Rabbin| 1.13.06

An example of Spiritual Action
| by Robert Rabbin| 12.23.05

Media threatens homeland health
| by Melinda Hemmelgarn| 12.16.05

Thanksgiving Thoughts
| by Dianna P. Moore| 11.23.05

Evolution exhibit shows a special human trait
| by Roger Martin| 11.11.05

Review commission didn't deal with the important questions | by Dianna Moore| 09.30.05

Imagine the unimaginable: Emergency preparedness in Missouri | by Barry Speert| 09.16.05

The 'Culture of Life' top ten (for progressives)
 Christian conservatives use the term to refer to God's wish that we preserve all human lives, however, it applies to a surprisingly stingy range of concerns. | by Michael Blanding| 04.15.05

Will the world really end on December 12, 2012?
 An interpreted the Mayan and Hopi predictions that the world, as we know it, will end on the 12th of December, 2012. | by Jean-Claude Koven|03.18.05

Talking or tying shoes
  Help people live more authentic and compassionate lives in harmony with nature | by Robert Rabbin | 02.18.05

I will not be celebrating Thanksgiving this year
  A Gay American explains why the holiday now doesn't mean much to him. | by Mark Manning | 11.19.04 

The values ploy
  Should Democrats become value whores like the GOP? | by Stephen Pizzo | 11.5.04

Choice is key to lower health care costs
  Whoever wins on Nov. 2 needs to implement medical liability reform | by Brent Tantillo | 10.28.04

Losing to bacteria
  Open Letter to Philip Zelikow and The Washington Post | by Nicholas Levis | 10.15.04

An open letter of conscience and choice to all spiritual, metaphysical, yoga and meditation communities
  We must act on Nov. 2 | by Robert Rabbin, Rabbi Michael Lerner, John Friend, Stephen Mitchell, Dan Millman, Riane Eisler, Tom Hayden, et al. | 10.8.04


Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell

Is breed specific legislation really a good idea? | 08.11.06

The colors of the border war | 04.14.06

Let's at least slap Bush on the wrist | 03.24.06

When considering the Smith verdict, not much has changed | 02.17.06

It's hell getting old
  Care for the elderly| 01.20.06

Kansas needs to show a little intelligence with our Intelligent Design and pass a felony animal cruelty law | 12.16.05

Bravo, Fairway, you deserve my discretionary dollar
  Fairway's ban on smoking| 11.18.05

'I told you so' doesn't quite work
  Being right about George Bush isn't really a good thing| 10.16.05

Fifteen years later...
  Iraq and Katrina changes a European friend’s view of U.S. supremacy | 09.16.05

Nostalgia doesn't pay the bills
  Oh, the nostalgia this summer has brought us, courtesy of the Kansas City Royals.. | 08.19.05

The Right's selective attraction to the death penalty
 Was Larry Griffin really guilty or did we get the wrong man?. | 07.15.05

Flag sympathies, or not
 That debate over flying the Confederate Battle Flag on public ground. | 06.17.05