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eKC online is Kansas City’s first online “only” news and entertainment publication with features and commentary from established journalists and writers, many of which have received local and regional awards.

From September 2001 to February 2004, eKC existed both in print and online. The decision to publish only online was made for three main reasons: the increased number of people visiting us online and comments from those readers that reading eKC online was sometimes easier than finding a print copy and also, as an independent publisher, we want to survive in these tough economic times.

Corporate media dominance and ambivalent government policies continue to make it difficult for diverse opinions to find their way to the citizenry. A functional, free system of governance — a democracy — depends upon an informed public, and for the public to be well informed, it needs access to a variety of opinions and sources of information. Independent publishers, regardless of their political stripes, can reinforce freedom and empower people to scrutinize their government and examine those private enterprise forces that mold our culture and influence our political life. It is our hope that eKC online plays a part in such a mission.

Our focus will remain local and regional, and we will continue to publish mostly Kansas City area writers, reporters, artists and photographers, and we will be open to publishing the beliefs, comments and ideas of others active in and concerned about their community. In the tradition of the alternative press, eKC online will try to report on stories that are ignored or underreported by the mainstream press and to offer opinions and insight not found in other local, regional or national media. Still, we will adhere to principles of good journalism as outlined by the Society of Professional Journalists yet will not shy away in offering a point of view that is based on fairness and facts.

We remain committed to the right to exercise freedoms inherent within the First Amendment and the Bill of Rights, and we are radical in the sense of fighting for those freedoms for all people. We also are a part of this community of Kansas City, the Midwest, United States and the world. For us, the work is for the future and in keeping the hope that it will be better.

—Bruce Rodgers
publisher/editor eKC online
March 15, 2004




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