DVD reviews
November 2006


Grey’s Anatomy The Complete Second Season Uncut
Reviewed by Kerry Hillard

Grey’s Anatomy The Complete Second Season Uncut is a lot of DVD. Viewers get a whopping 27 episodes on six discs. That’s quite a few patients, break-ups and sleepovers. It’s the latter two that are the heart of the show.

Sure, Grey’s Anatomy is set in a hospital and there are engrossing medical cases and the interns’ career quest. But the life saving is secondary to the characters’ personal dramas, most of which involve love, shared and unrequited.

The main thread of personal drama is appropriately that of Meredith Grey, the lead character. Her love life is a series of high and lows involving old lovers and new boyfriends. Then there’s the Alzheimer’s patient — and her mother — who enters the scene bringing to light Meredith’s not so sunny past. At the season’s beginning, Meredith is pissed. At the season’s end, she is pissed. In between, she and her fellow interns engage in endless witty banter that gives viewers a bare-naked look at the characters.

There’s the intern in love with a patient, the intern who can’t pass his boards, the intern in love with a surgeon, and the list continues. Their drama is the viewers’ joy — get wrapped up in it because it’s a thrilling, mournful ride. (Cool bonus: The Lost Dharma doctor appears in Episode 5. Talk about crazy connections.)

Of course, every DVD comes with extras. Unfortunately, the Grey’s extras pale in comparison to the actual episodes. The first problem: no Patrick Dempsey, a k a Dr. (McDreamy) Shepherd. Stranger still, no Ellen Pompeo, who plays the lead role. There are interviews aplenty with other characters, namely the chief and Dr. Addison Shepherd. While these characters and the actors who play them are integral to the show, they aren’t what I consider the bread and butter.

Extra-watchers also get an inside look at Chandra Wilson who plays Dr. Bailey. While her character is great — hardnosed yet heartfelt — her real life doesn’t compare to the created personal whirlwind that is Grey’s Anatomy. So skip the extras, go straight to the episodes, and enjoy the drama. By the way, keep an ear to the music, because Grey’s offers an impressive soundtrack. Rating: 4.5


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