The Wiz What Is

  November 18, 2011

KC Stage

The Doctor is in … at the Coterie
y Greg Boyle

Down at Crown Center, at the Coterie, is a play that they’re playing that plays very notably. The show is so odd, so thoroughly unusual, that the only name for it is Seussical — the Musical. It’s based, as you’ve guessed, on stories by the doctor, the Seuss. They’ve mashed some together and come up with a whopper. Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens wrote music and book. They’re awfully talented, give this show a look.

All of your favorites are there to be seen. Horton’s the star, if you know what I mean. He’s played by Seth Golay, a sweet-faced young man. Does he act, does he sing? He can! He can! We also meet Mayzie, who leaves him her egg. Jennifer Mays knocks ‘em dead with her legs. Enjoli Gavin is a purple kangaroo. She sings a soulful showstopper with the rest of the crew. Jennie Greenberry is Gertrude McFuzz; her love for Horton makes her do what she does.

The Wickersham Brothers are a trio of monkeys; another triad was the Bird Girls, so spunky. Their songs were so tuneful, their dancing divine. I kept right on thinking, “This really is fine!” The Cat in the Hat is full of his trickery. Tim Scott makes him funny, and sneaky and snickery. We shouldn’t forget the boy who plays JoJo. Nick Grant sang well, much better than so-so.

David Ollington directed, and choreographed, too. The dances were so good, that’s not easy to do.

The costumes and set and the props are so giggly! Bold colors, crazy puppets, and lines that are all squiggly. Gary Wichansky and Jennifer Myers Ecton are the ones you should try, if you ever should need your house Seuss-ified.

Dr. Seuss had a message, he always said plenty. Don’t be afraid to imagine, or to be different-y. All kids need to hear it, so take them you should, or take just yourself, it’ll make you feel good.

Seussical is playing till the end of the year. Many nights are sold-out, but you shouldn’t fear. If you call up the Coterie or go online, times are available, tickets you’ll find. 816-474-6552 is the number to call, or, so get on the ball!

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