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ART FEATURE/Commentary

Reactionaries in Space
by Eileen Jones, Jacobin l 12.11.14

Remembering Gore Vidal
by Bruce Rodgers l 04.10.14

Doing True/False 2012
Story, photos and (shaky) video by Dan Lybarger I 04.05.12

Ten Best-Worst of 2011 (film)
by Dan Lybarger | 01.20.12

Lydia Loveless channels punk into her country
by Melissa Cowan | 12.02.11

Where the Violence Stops: An interview with Alex Kotlowitz and Steve James about The Interrupters. by Dan Lybarger I 10.21.11)

Kansas International Film Festival Encores
Reviewed by Dan Lybarger | 10.07.11

No Beginners Here: Kansas City Gay & Lesbian Film Festival Celebrates Openness and Quality
by Dan Lybarger | 06.27.11

Winning with Soul: An Interview with director Sean Kirkpatrick
by Dan Lybarger | 05.20.11

Missouri’s very own Ozark mountain boys
by Melissa Cowan | 05.06.11

Singer/songwriter perfects his game
by Melissa Cowan 04.29.11

Home from the War: How the Real World Crept
into KC FilmFest

by Dan Lybarger 04.22.11

Contagious Vacations: Sarah Vowell on Hawaii’s History
by Dan Lybarger 04.01.11

30 Years of heartland blues and swing
– The Bel Airs keep on packin’ dance floors

by Bruce Rodgers 03.11.11

The Runaway Sons: loud, aggressive, dedicated
by Melissa Cowen 01.28.11

The Ten Best DVD Releases You (Probably) Missed in 2010
The Ten Best DVDs (to pick up when The Social Network is sold out)
By Dan Lybarger and Loey Lockerby | 01.07.11

90 Years of Cinematic Confections: An Interview with Chris Hegedus and D.A. Pennebaker
by Dan Lybarger | 10.08.10

10 Years of Great Films for the Great Plains
by Dan Lybarger | 10.01.10

From Howl to Owls: The Gay & Lesbian Film Festival brings unique films to K
by Dan Lybarger | 06.25.10

A Man and His Film
by Dan Lybarger | 04.14.10

Big Apple crowd gives its approval to Kansas City Ballet's 50th anniversary show | 03.18.08 by Karen McDonough

Socialist Studios: KC's newest artistic think tank wants you to see red
Acosta's Socialist Studios feature local talent| 02.08.08
by Brandon Whitehead

Noted record producer leaves behind an impressive imprint
Remebering Joel Dorn. | 12.21.07 by Kevin Calabro

Kansas City's token king defends Kong champ
A video game rivalry. | 09.07.07 by Russ Simmons

Reiger helps forge a new dance partnership
aha! joins forces with the 940 Dance Company to broaden the appeal of a too-often puzzling art form. | 06.22.07 by David Ollington

Missouri connections at Sundance 2007
A look at who represents Missouri at Sundance. | 02.02.07 by Russ Simmons

On the comic book side of writing
Jason Aaron's comic book takes off. | 03.24.06 by Bruce Rodgers

The first time...at last 
Tom Anton and Sandi Russell discuss the controversy surrounding their first film At Last — a true story about first love, adultery and difficult choices.| 9.16.05 by Rhiannon Ross

Filmmaker questions the 'democracy' of the 2000 election 
Matthew Kohn has an iconoclastic but not especially polemical history.| 8.12.05 by Mischa Byruck

Kansas Film Fest begins this week 
The former "Halfway to Hollywood" returns to KC | 9.10.04 by Deborah Young

Twisted tales and a green giant 
KC comic book writer gets a comeback courtesy The Hulk | July 03 by Jason Aaron


High Notes - A Rock Memoir
by Richard Loren
Review by Frank Siraguso l 09.11.14

by Bill Denehy with Peter Golenbock

Review by Frank Siraguso l 06.22.14

Don't Get Sick in America
by Daniel Schorr

Review by Frank Siraguso l 05.16.14

The Working Life, The Promise and Betrayal of Modern Work
by Joanne B. Ciulla

Review by Frank Siraguso l 03.24.14

Tough Without A Gun
The Life and Extraordinary Afterlife of Humphrey Bogart

by Stefan Kanfer

Review by Bruce Rodgers | 10.28.11

From Islam To America: A Personal Journey Through The Clash Of Civilizations

Review by Spencer Dew | 05.27.11

War Is Boring Bored Stiff, Scared To Death In The World’s Worst War Zones
Review by Niels Strandskov | 04.22.11

The Car That Brought You Here Still Runs
Revisiting The Northwest Towns Of Richard Hugo

Review by George Kalamaras | 03.25.11

Empire of Sacrifice - The Religious Origins of American Violence
Review by Jeremy Biles | 01.21.10

Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead
The Frank Meeink Story

by Frank Meeink with Jody M. Roy, Ph.D. l 12.15.10

Just Kids | Patti Smith
Review by Mark Gustafson | 11.12.10

When To Go Into The Water
Review by Charles White | 08.20.10

Subway Art: 25th Anniversary Edition
Review by Christopher Luna | 07.23.10

Missing Her
Review by Rebecca Morales | 06.25.10

The Posthuman Dada Guide: Tzara & Lenin Play Chess
Review by John-Ivan Palmer | 04.23.10

The Blue Tattoo: The Life of Olive Oatman
Review by Spencer Dew | 03.05.10

by William T. Vollmann | Viking Press
Review by Tim Jacobs | 02.05.10

Holiday Reading List 2009
by Ralph Nader | 01.01.10

Giordano Bruno: Philosopher / Heretic
review by John-Ivan Palmer |12.18.09

Flowers of Flame Unheard Voices of Iraq
Edited by Sadek Mohammed, Soheil Najm, Haider Al-Kabi, and Dan Veach | Michigan State University Press
review by John Bradley | 11.20.09

The Book from the Sky
by Robert Kelly | North Atlantic Books
Review by Callie Clark-Wiren | 10.16.09

The Last Photographic Heroes
American Photographers of the Sixties and Seventies

by Gilles Mora | Abrams
Review by Callie Clark-Wiren | 08.28.09

Fugitive Days
Memoirs of an Antiwar Activist

by Bill Ayers | Beacon Press
Review by Bob Sommer | 08.12.09

RUBBER SIDE DOWN The Biker Poet Anthology
edited by José Gouveia;
review by Stephan Delbos | 04.17.09

Mixing It Up ­ Taking on the media bullies and other reflections
by Ishmael Reed;
review by W. C. Bamberger | 03.14.09

by Katie Ford;
review by Jason Ericson| 02.20.09

Bejing Coma
by Ma Jian; translated by Flora Drew Farrar, Straus and Giroux;
review by Vincent Rossmeier| 01.02.09

The 99th Monkey
by Eliezer Sobel; review by Kelly Everding| 12.05.08

The Haunted House
by Rebecca Brown; review by Elizabeth Rollins| 08.15.08

Annoying Diabetic Bitch
by Sharon Mesmer; review by Tim W. Brown| 07.18.08

Books for May
Eye Mind: The Saga Of Roky Erickson And The 13th Floor Elevators, The Pioneers Of Psychedelic Sound by Paul Drummond & Bowl of Cherries by Millard Kaufman| 05.09.08

40 Years Ago
1968 The Year That Rocked The World by Mark Kurlansky| 04.04.08
by Bruce Rodgers

Two fun and easy reads
Cinemental Journeys by Mike and Vicki Walker & Here's Where by Charlie Brennan| 11.03.06
by Bruce Rodgers

Black Silk Handkerchief – enough to cry about
Black Silk Handkerchief by Hom-Astubby| 10.20.06
by Meredith Hines-Dochterman

Deeper version of 'chick lit'
The Friendship Test by Elizabeth Noble| 03.03.06
by Meredith Hines-Dochterman

Making the comparison
Is Iraq Another Vietnam? by Kale Baldock| 02.10.06
by Meredith Hines-Dochterman

The realness of Burkowski
Slouching Toward Nirvana by Charles Burkowski| 02.10.06
by Bruce Rodgers

From the local book bin
No Immediate Threat: The story of an American Veteran by Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell & Autos to Airways, Mantle to the Mob: Doing it My Way by Jerry Green with Mike Walker| 11.04.05
by Meredith Hines-Dochterman

A guide to kicking back
How To Be Idle by Tom Hodgkinson| 9.02.05
by Meredith Hines-Dochterman

The madness of mothers 
Perfect Madness: Motherhood in the Age of Anxiety by Judith Warner| 6.17.05 by Meredith Hines-Dochterman

Story dosen't quite hold together 
The Tea House on Mulbury Street by Sharon Owens| 5.06.05
by Meredith Hines-Dochterman

A classic hope-against-the-odds story 
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith| 3.11.05 by Meredith Hines-Dochterman

Presenting a political riddle 
What's the Matter with Kansas? How Conservatives Won the Heart of America by Thomas Frank | 8.20.04 by Rhiannon Ross

In the name of love 
Love by Toni Morrison | 7.9.04 by Rhiannon Ross

'Five Lies' Lives On 
The Five Biggest Lies Bush Told Us About Iraq by Christopher Scheer, Robert Scheer and Lakshmi Chaudhry | 3.22.04 by Christopher Scheer, Robert Scheer and Lakshmi Chaudhry

Kiosk art 
Kiosk art & literature magazine published by The University of Kansas | 3.15.04 by Brandon Whitehead

Thinking about the meat we eat 
Slaughterhouse Blues: The Meat and Poultry Industry in North America by Stull and Broadway | Dec. 03 by Bruce Rodgers

A surprise to more singular minds
Set This House In Order: A Romance of Souls by Matt Ruff | June 03 by Andy Nelson


Kevin Wilmott: The Sundance kid
  CSA makes a splash at Sundance | Feb. 04 by Russ Simmons

Van Sant's new film makes demand on the audience
  Interview with Elephant director Gus Van Sant | Dec. 03 by Russ Simmons

'Hollywood North' returns to form 
  The 'buzz' is back | Oct. 03 by Russ Simmons


Magness' blues to visit KC 
  Award winning singer Janiva Magness shows in her simple yet rich song styles in KC | July 05  by Brandon Whitehead

Myra Taylor: Remixing a career
  Myra Taylor, songstress of swing | Dec. 03  by Deborah Young


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by David Ollington & Greg Boyle

A Fairy Tale for Grownups
by Greg Boyle | 03.12.12

Witness to an artistic community
by David Ollington| 02.24.12

Who Do Ya’ Love?
by Greg Boyle | 02.03.12

Breakfast ‘For’ Champions
by Greg Boyle | 01.20.12

An old friend revisited
review by Greg Boyle | 12.02.11

The Doctor is in … at the Coterie
by Greg Boyle | 11.18.11

Grown-ups behaving badly ... with the help of booze
by Rhiannon Ross | 11.08.11

A Long Day's Journey Into Oklahoma | 09.30.11

Class Warfare | 09.23.11

Even Cowgirls Sing the Blues | 07.15.11

The Company Men | 06.29.11

You’re nobody till somebody loves you | 05.06.11

Welcome to Berlin | 04.01.11

The story of Marvin | 03.18.11

Acting 101 | 03.11.11

All about heart at Heartland | 02.11.11

A Modern Night at the Folly | 02.11.11

The dawn of the age of the vibrator 02.04.11

‘Asking and Telling’ | posted 01.21.10

A (slave) girl’s life| 11.05.10

Afternoon Triple Header | 10.04.10

The rewards of perseverance | 09.24.10

A tangled web | 08.27.10

Motherless children have a hard time | 05.28.10

Trust No One | 04.23.10

25, a celebration of artistic achievements | 04.16.10

In our neighborhood | 03.05.10

In our town | 02.19.10

Tragicomedy set to music | 02.12.10

Truly a ‘Modern Night' | 02.12.10

Put on your travelin’ shoes | 02.02.10

Kimberly Akimbo | 01.15.10

The Spin Doctor is in | 11.20.09

Paul Taylor Dance Company & Little House on the Prairie | 11.20.09

A career in love | 10.30.09

An evening of scares and smiles | 10.09.09

Into the Woods | 09.25.09

A family friendly, deft Alice | 09.25.09

Guys being guys | 09.11.09

Something different for Megee | 08.01.09

Fringe binge | 07.24.09

Lyrics drove the movement in ‘Dedication’ | 07.17.09

The unbounded energy of youth | 06.18.09

‘Solos’ invokes a singular direction in modern dance | 05.08.09

Comic farce familiar and funny | 05.01.09

The politics of science | 04.08.09

A spirited longing-to-leave musical | 03.27.09

Cleaning up for the laugh and a thought | 03.13.09

'No Way' you should miss this | 02.27.09

The joys of maturity | 02.20.09

A Night to remember | 02.13.09

Menagerie a triumph in execution and obeisance | 01.30.09

Tugging at the cassock | 01.16.09

A different 'home for the holidays' | 12.18.08

A trip to Tennessee | 12.05.08

Tuna without the saccharinity | 11.21.08

Fishnet-hose fun | 10.17.08

Great 'Rodeo' ride | 10.10.08

A fresh look at a familiar story | 10.10.08

Whose side will you choose? | 08.22.08

'Equity Showcase' quite a showcase | 08.01.08

Keeping the Irish way alive in Translations | 07.03.08

Always a terrific homage to a great artist | 07.03.08

City in Motion remains true to its 'dance' mission | 05.02.08

Hedwig, an 'Off Center' reprise of inspiration | 03.14.08

Craftsmanship underlines Stories production | 02.01.08

Bolender's Nutcracker | 12.21.07

Life from the strip to the stage
Dog Sees God.
| 11.16.07

An extended wallow in a small space
Pig Farm
. | 9.28.07

La Cage perfectly cast; Broken Strings shows potential
La Cage
and Broken Strings. | 8.24.07

One part witty brevity, the other way too familiar
Twice upon a time.
| 7.20.07

Steven Eubank – a theatrical force in the making
Zanna Don't!
| 5.11.07

Crowns explores a culture and character
Crowns: Portraits of Black Women in Church Hats
| 4.13.07

Celebrating what 'a dog's life' gives us
A Dog's Life
| 3.09.07

The Giver-giving up pain, losing the joy
The Giver
| 2.23.07

Concern for characters a challenge
The Rabbit Hole
| 1.26.07

White trash heaven...or hell
The Great American Trailer Park Musical | 12.08.06

Familiar but funny nevertheless
Leading Ladies | 12.01.06

Wordy and bombastic
Orson's Shadow | 11.03.06

'Dance in the Park' had its moments
Dance in the Park | 09.15.06

Not quite a 'Boom' for these times
Tick, Tick...Boom! | 07.07.06

Visiting the King and Kansas
The King and I and Kansas | 06.09.06

Birding for fun, again
Late Night Theatre's The Birds | 04.28.06

New dance terrain charted by Alonzo King
UMKC's Conservatory of Music presents the 100th Anniversary Grand Finale and the Lines Ballet | 03.17.06

Maybe too nerdy
The American Heartland Theatre's The Nerd | 03.06.06

Accomplishments through dedication
A look at A Modern Night at the Folly | 01.20.06

Alice in our Wonderland | 12.16.05

Playhouse production strong in Christmas song The Quality Hill Playhouse annually realizes creative renditions of Christmas music with their Christmas in Song.| 11.23.05

Dancers of quality and contrast
  | 10.14.05

'Futurist Camp' at Late Night
  | 09.30.05

Following Equity's guidelines proved worthwhile
  | 08.26.05

Parental droppings
  A screenplay by Maxwell Anderson, based on an earlier stage play and a novel before that, the plot centers on the murderous actions of an eight-year-old girl, Rhoda. | 07.01.05

Two very different quality productions
  | 05.06.05

Tender androgyny
  Eubank Productions presents Hedwig and the Angry Itch at the Just Off Broadway Theatre | 04.01.05

Sally gives her heart
  Sally Struthers stars in Club of Hearts at the New Theater Restaurant | 02.25.05

Gorilla in our midst
  Martin City Melodrama presents Kansas City Kong ot the Gorilla of My Dreams and TV | 02.11.05

Space and touch
  Castles premieres at the Carlsen Center at Johnson County Community College| 02.11.05

A Touch of the "land of Nod"
  Affluenza! by playwright James Sherman | 01.21.05

Hard work, talent but...
  Director Cynthia Levin brings quality artistic values | 12.17.04

Daring and refreshing
  Susan Rieger, artistic director, inspires performance at aha! dance theatre | 11.17.04

Disturbing layers of connection
  Aperture by the award-winning playwright Suzan-Lori Parks | 10.28.04

Fall Performance: A choreographic contrast
  Fall Performance by the Kansas City Ballet | 10.15.04

A Venus and Mars comparison
  Laundry and Bourbon/Lone Star at the Olathe Community Theatre | 9.27.04

The dark side of Bright Ideas
  The Unicorn Theatre's 2004/2005 season opener | 9.10.04

Falstaff marks the 20th year of artistic excellence from the Civic Opera
  Verdi's opera at the Folly Theatre | 8.20.04

Game of words
  Take Me Out at the Unicorn Theatre | 7.02.04

Ramping up the familiar
  Forbidden Broadway at the H&R City Block Stage in Union Station | 6.18.04

Dancers' talent reigns
  The Spring Performance of the Kansas City Ballet | 5.14.04

The 'change' in revue
  Menopause the Musical at the American Heartland Theatre | 4.23.04

Love with an improper stranger
  The Goat or Who is Sylvia? at the Unicorn Theatre | 3.30.04

Talent and daring
  Power-hungry Roman emporers and a touch of ballet | 3.15.04

Amid conflict and Missy's new place
  How His Bride Came to Abraham and the new Bar Natasha | Feb. 04

A creative year in theatre and dance
  2003 highlights in theatre and dance | Jan. 04

Two different Christmas presentations 
  Taking the Bush administration to court | Dec. 03